Thought I would share these

  1. Look at these links, I love dobhrans, hope you like them too.
    God bless you all, and may God hold you and yours in the palm of his hand Colleen
    gosh tried the links myself...wouldn't work, don't know why.
    here is the address to dobhrans itself, hope it works, sorry. tried to fix these as rochell said yeah they work!!!!
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    the link to the main page works, don't know why the others won't. go to the main page and you can find them all from there God all work now Colleen
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  4. by   semstr
    beautiful things on that side, thanks for the tip!
    Peace, Renee
  5. by   roachell
    Hi realnursealso/LPN,
    Looks like you missed the / between .com & greeting. Cool site.
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