Support Planned Parenthood Today!

  1. I see in the news that anti-choice organizations are planning demonstrations today at Planned Parenthood facilities around the US to support GOP plans to defund PP.

    Of course, my first thought was to grab a sign (and my, ummm, "kittyhat"!) and head for my local facility to show my support for PP, but I also see in the news that PP offices are asking that supporters not show up at the facilities to counter-protest (because they don't want the crowds of protesters any larger or more chaotic than necessary as women are trying to get in and out for services).

    Some communities are planning counter-demonstrations in other venues, but I haven't been able to find any information about any events planned in my city.

    So, I've decided to set aside the time planned for the anti-choice demonstration in my city today to contact all my elected representatives, from the White House down to my state legislators, and Tom Price at DHHS, to remind them that I support PP and am strongly opposed to any efforts to restrict women's reproductive rights or Planned Parenthood's access to public healthcare dollars as a legitimate healthcare provider.

    I hope PP supporters here will consider doing the same, and spread the word to people you know. I hope people all over the country will have the same thought. Wouldn't it be great if, while comparatively small groups of protesters are standing out in the cold and snow with their signs, huge numbers of Americans were flooding mail boxes and switchboards around the country with messages of support for PP, women's health, and reproductive rights?
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  3. by   BCgradnurse
    I am a big supporter of PP. They have been my charity of choice in light of the current political climate. I have used PP in the past when I didn't have insurance and needed my well woman's health care. They enable so many women to get proper health care.

    I stand behind Planned Parenthood and will be making calls today.
  4. by   herring_RN
    I am pro life and for Planned Parenthood.
    They provide prenatal care. They provide referrals for well baby care. They have parenting classes.

    Lots of support for how to prevent unwanted pregnancy as well as support for those who want to give their baby for adoption or keep their baby.
    Yes they do abortion referrals to, but the good they do is valuable.