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  1. thought i would start a thread with some articles from oddly enough from reuters...

    food scientist developing wine-based disinfectant
    sat oct 26, 9:00 am et

    san francisco (reuters) - how about a nice glass of chardonnay to go with that sponge when cleaning the kitchen?

    if food scientist mark daeschel is successful, you may soon find wine-based disinfectants on grocery store shelves.

    looking to build on previous anti-microbial research and anecdotal evidence, daeschel decided to take a hard, scientific look at a centuries-old piece of advice: drinking wine with a meal helped some people avoid food poisoning.

    daeschel, a professor of food science and technology at oregon state university in corvalis, about 75 miles south of portland, found that wine, particularly white wine, kills e. coli, salmonella and other potentially deadly bacteria.

    "from there, we came up with the idea of a wine-based disinfectant," daeschel said. "there's a lot of wine out there in the world that doesn't have a home for one reason or another."

    he found that the combination of white wine's high levels of malic and tartaric acids with the alcohol content attacks and kills the germs.

    oregon state has attorneys preparing a patent application for the formula once it's completed, daeschel said. and some wineries that have gotten wind of his research are interested in licensing it as a way to get rid of their excess vin ordinaire, he said.

    daeschel said he's tweaking the formula to get the best germ-killing results and making sure it doesn't leave a sticky residue on counters or a foul odor.

    beyond an alternative to chlorine-or iodine-based disinfectants in the kitchen, the formula could also be used in other food-related areas, such as in meat processing operations to sanitize the carcasses of cattle, chickens and pigs.

    so what do daeschel and his students do with all that wine when they're done with it in the laboratory? "when the mothers ask that, we say it goes down the drain," daeschel said.
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    students asked to test-run condoms
    fri oct 25, 1:02 pm et

    london (reuters) - british students are being recruited to test condoms, rating them for their pleasure, comfort and performance qualities.

    the 100-150 successful job applicants will be paid 100 pounds ($155) per academic term as they road-test a range of condoms from german manufacturer condomi.

    "the condom testers will be asked to give a pleasure rating. they will not be asked to test quality -- that has already been done," condomi's marketing manager in britain victoria wells told reuters on thursday.

    "test results will be fed back to our research and development department, and we hope that the students who participate will both enjoy the testing and the money, and give us a frank response which we can use for product development," wells said.

    she said adverts had been placed in a number of student publications and will run on several student radio stations from october 25.

    would-be testers will be asked to fill in an application available online at

    among the voluntary questions asked of candidates will be: how many partners they have had, how often they have sex and how long its lasts -- with the option to tick various boxes marked from "under one minute" to one marked "1.5-two hours."

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    your chance to spend more time in public toilets
    fri oct 25,12:58 pm et

    berlin (reuters) - a german psychologist is touting a cure for paruresis, fear among men of using urinals, and seeking volunteers to spend time in public toilets.

    philipp hammelstein, a researcher at the heinrich heine university in duesseldorf, believed, however, it was not necessarily linked to the size of the sufferer's genitals.

    "all healthy men should be capable of using a urinal," hammelstein told reuters on friday. though findings show six percent of men have an irrational fear of urinating next to others.

    hammelstein said he had already cured several patients and was seeking 60 volunteers for clinical trials to test his cure. the therapy lasts three months and encourages patients to drink a lot, as well as spend more time in public toilets.

    he said men usually develop symptoms during puberty.

    "it arises through humiliating experiences to do with masculinity," he said.
    Originally posted by sunnygirl272
    Daeschel said. "There's a lot of wine out there in the world that doesn't have a home for one reason or another."
    Wine without a home?

    I've got plenty of room in my heart to take all that wine in!

  6. by   kmchugh
    Originally posted by OBNURSEHEATHER
    Wine without a home?

    I've got plenty of room in my heart to take all that wine in!

    Heather, I would agree with you, but remember, some people consider Ripple, MD 20-20, and Boone's Farm "wine." Come to think of it, most of those probably would make pretty good cleaner/disinfectants.

  7. by   adrienurse
    Not touching the stuff anymore d/t what will now be known as the famous Thanksgiving Hangover.
  8. by   donmurray
    There's a Scots generic term for the less expensive wines: "Electric soup!"