Sunday October 6, 2013

  1. Good Morning Dear Friends,

    Wonderful to re read the thread yesterday with everyone's going's on etc.

    Hope you are all doing well this Sunday although it is early for me my peepers just would not cooperate so I am going to catch a Nana nap later this afternoon.

    We had another great hike out with the dogs and part of the trail disappeared so we made our own and were sweating bullets by the time we got the dogs back to the truck but saw some pretty water scenes and water birds making a lot of noise.

    Walked a few miles along a train track then back down when we saw the trail, the dogs were in seventh heaven and wanted to keep going but after the climb back up to the truck I think they changed their minds. LOL

    Not sure where the hike is today but hopefully some where different so I can take my camera with me.

    When we got home I dashed off to get the groceries while hubby started cleaning his car, got home and put those away, changed and went out to help hubby. I cleaned inside of his car and inside windows then I waxed his car. After that was finished I cleaned out the inside of my car then helped hubby wax it. Both cars look so Purdy all nice and clean.

    I am glad we got that done because I wanted another waxing before the weather turns cooler with increased rains etc just to give it some more protection more than anything. LOL They say there is a 30% chance of rain today with 60% chance tomorrow. LOL

    Thankfully we take the truck out when we got hiking so the cars can stay clean in the carport. LOL

    We were exhausted once we were done so just took it easy the rest of the day. Relaxed last night in the Jacuzzi with a nice refreshing drink then watched a couple of movies before calling it a night. What a wonderful day and can only pray for the same today.

    Planning on getting the ironing out of the way before the hike then after that I want to go and get some photos of the flowers not far from here that are glorious.

    Hope you are all doing the best you can. AKY you and your SO are not far from my thoughts and prayers.

    Stephanie I cannot wait to see your Chair-ity photos I always look forward to those every year. Sounds like great fun and something I would like to be involved with especially as it benefits hospice.

    Have a glorious Sunday one and all.
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  3. by   Joe NightingMale
    Morning Sabby

    Woke up earlier than expected, a headache woke me up. It's gone now. Shouldn't be a problem, going to bed early tonight, work week starts tomorrow...

    Saw my dad yesterday, got outside before that, odd weather cloudy but quite humid. Thunderstorms and lots of rain later on, in spite of that I managed to get the errands done anyway.

    Not much to do today, just a small amount of cooking. Once the weather clears I'll get out on my bike, will be cooler today and more fall-like than yesterday.
  4. by   Ted
    Good Morning -

    It's 7:36 AM (Arizona time) here.

    Today's a day of rest. We'll casually be packing our stuff for our travels back home tomorrow. It's been a nice vacation but we're both ready to get back to daily life and work in New York.

    Sabby_NC - Glad to read that you had a nice day yesterday. Hope your day, today, is equally nice.

    Joe - Waking up from headaches is no fun. Hope your day is a good one today.

    Warmest regards to all who travel here today.

    aknottedyarn - Continued warm thoughts and Prayers for you SO and you. Hope he's off the vent soon.

  5. by   EMSnut45
    Sabby-- When can I bring my car over?? It's due for a good cleaning! Do you by chance have any suggestions on how to NOT get those streak marks on the inside of the windshield when you clean it? It drives me bonkers when the sun shines on my freshly cleaned window and a big streak shows up!

    Mom and I had a good time at the fall fest yesterday! Good music, food and vendors.

    I don't have much planned for today. Supposed to be another unusually hot day. I do have some reading to do for this emergency drivers class I'm taking. I'm not mechanically inclined at all, so learning about engines and brakes is way over my head!

    i hope everyone has a relaxing Sunday!!

  6. by   dianah
    Good morning to all!

    Yesterday went to church then Sabbath School, helped with music in two classes.
    Lunch with youngest ds and his gf (oldest was at work),
    Practice at 3pm with a friend for helping with three instrumentals for this Friday nite, at an Arabic Sabbath School they televise at the studios where we used to play with another group.
    Ate at home, then I was a sloth all evening.
    Then had insomnia.
    Got up late today 2/2 insomnia.

    Dh and I gonna get a brunch at Denny's, I think.
    Having apricot black tea while he showers.

    Gonna get to the grocery store sometime today.

    aky, continued thoughts and prayers for SO's recovery.
  7. by   dianah
    Change of plans.
    Dh just came by and asked if I could wait an hour or so to eat....

    and then we'd be in Disneyland!
    I think I could do that!
  8. by   herring_RN
    I had oatmeal for breakfast. I'de been having cold cereal all summer.
    it is 80 F already here at noon.
  9. by   Sabby_NC
    Quote from EMSnut45
    Sabby-- When can I bring my car over?? It's due for a good cleaning! Do you by chance have any suggestions on how to NOT get those streak marks on the inside of the windshield when you clean it? It drives me bonkers when the sun shines on my freshly cleaned window and a big streak shows up!


    I think hubby just fainted at the thought of another car to clean. LOL

    I use vinegar and water mixture to clean the inside windows- no streaks etc- works well on house windows too but just do not make it too strong or your vehicle smells like a pickle. LOL
  10. by   Spidey's mom
    Laying on the couch watching the Dallas Cowboys vs Denver Bronco game. The reason? A good friend and her husband are there (Cowboys fans) and so are my former husband, his brother, and nephew (Broncos fans). I'm following their comments on the game via FB so thought I'd turn it on and watch. 41 to 41 . . pretty good game!

    My tendonitis is hurting this afternoon so I iced it which made it feel worse. Thinking about a Norco.

    Dh is out on a tractor and Spidey is at a friend's house. I've been lazy except for going to church.

    If you are leaning your car and windows, do it in the shade. Sunshine (warmth) makes streaks on the windows.

    Back to the game and FB . . .
  11. by   EMSnut45
    Sabby, tell your husband not to faint!! I managed to go out and vacuum, armor-all, window clean, and wash my car. Hopefully the windows aren't streaky on the inside. If they are, I'll have to try your trick! Maddie (my 13 year old puppy) supervised, so I'm sure they will be fine!

    So... I have a few minutes to write about my cruise ship work.

    I was assigned initially to a ship with the capacity for 3,000 passengers and 1,050 crew. The itinerary included the western Caribbean-- Belize, Costa Maya, Roatan, and Cozumel and was a 7 day cruise. We had a good mix of old and young passengers with the average age in the 40's. Most common complaints were MI's, asthma attacks and upper respiratory infections. I worked with two other nurses (one from South Africa and one from the Philippines) and two doctors (one from South Africa and one from the Philippines). My initial cabin was below deck and so small that I could barely turn around (which says a lot given that I'm 5' tall and 100lbs soaking wet). I hated not being able to see if it was day or night, but thankfully it was a single cabin. The staff captain (there are actually two captains on each ship-- a captain that over sees the operational side and has ultimate responsibility, and a staff captain who over sees the personnel but is equally as trained and capable as the captain) was not the most pleasant person and believed that the crew, regardless of their rank, did not belong in any of the passenger areas-- including the promenade deck. This combined with the fact that none of the crew areas had windows, I could go several days without seeing daylight when we had at sea days (not in port). The work schedule was 12 hours on and then 24 hours off from the end of your shift. I worked an average of 40-50 hours per week with plenty of opportunities to get off the ship while in port. After a month, one of the nurses went home, and I was able to move up to a true officer's cabin (nurses are 2-stripe officers) which had a small porthole, double bed, love seat, desk, and large closet (same tiny bathroom). Several weeks later we completed a re-positioning voyage that was going to put us on a wonderful itinerary including Bermuda. The day before we entered port, I was told that I had to pack my belongings and I was going to transfer to a short-staffed ship. Agghhhhh!!! I had finally started to feel comfortable with the layout of the ship, "ship life," and my job.

    The second ship was a little smaller-- 2,500 passengers and 1,000 crew. The itinerary is what we called the "Booze Cruise"-- 3 and 4 day cruises to the Bahamas. This brought the average age down to the 30's and alcohol became the biggest problem. The staffing level should have been the same as the last ship, but I made the second nurse with two doctors. Being that there were only two nurses, we had to work 24 hours on with 24 hours off. The rule was that I had to be in the clinic from 8a-8p with an our lunch break, but the paperwork portion of my job usually wasn't complete until ~2am and I almost always got pages and phone calls roughly every 30 minutes due to passengers wanting to see the doctor (Why do they need to see the doctor at 3am for UTI symptoms? They wouldn't do that at home!). If we were on the private island, one of us nurses would have to go over and sit at the first aid stand. That meant that If I worked the previous 24 hours, I had to then go sit on the island for 9 hours. Oh, yeah... 33 hour shifts were frequent!! The captain and staff captain were amazing-- very supportive of their staff and treated them like family! The atmosphere on this ship was much more relaxed and enjoyable even though I worked my tail off.

    In total, I worked/lived on board the ships for 4 months. It was my first time away from my family and friends, so not having a phone or free internet was a difficult transition. I saved phone calls for when we were in an American port and I had to pay $20 for 220 minutes of internet time which I used for quick facebook postings and skype. The majority of the crew members were from the Philippines. I think I was one of about 3 Americans on each ship. Everyone was very welcoming to me-- I couldn't go anywhere on the ship and not hear "HI NURSE!!!" I have never before and probably never will feel as well respected as I did on the ship (at least from crew members).

    I learned to use my "crew status" to my advantage! I was able to see some Mayan ruins for free-- a $300 excursion normally. I also was able to go to Atlantis for 1/2 price. While I didn't otherwise venture too far from the ship because of time constraints and the high cost of cabs, I was able to see so many beautiful places that I otherwise never would have. I made friendships with crew members that I will hold near and dear to my heart (most don't have any way of keeping in touch). I am so thankful of the medical resources that we have here. There is nothing quite like telling an active STEMI that they will be in good hands in the Costa Mayan hospital when the EMS personnel show up without oxygen or a cardiac monitor. Instincts and good assessment skills go far!

    It was not only working on the ship, but I had to learn so much about how to LIVE on a ship. There are so many safety regulations and emergency equipment that all crew have to know. Each and every crew member had a role in every type of emergency. We practiced weekly fire/hazmat/ship damage/evacuation drills in addition to the life boat drills with each new voyage. We also had monthly man overboard drills. Medical emergencies, or code alphas, were routine occurrences. As a nurse, I had to respond to all codes at any time of the day or night. This meant that I was not allowed to be "under the influence" at any time and was on the zero tolerance list for alcohol (not allowed to consume alcohol on or off the ship at any point during my contract or it was immediate termination).

    The majority of what I did was office work. There were so many reports that had to be submitted to the CDC, USPH and Coast Guard as well as data that headquarters wanted tallied. Patient wise, the majority of the work involved crew members. We ran two clinics per day and dealt with mostly primary care complaints. Many of our crew were hypertensive and/or type II diabetic. Any maintenance medications had to come from us. If you think about it, most of the crew members were on board for up to 10 months. They also were not allowed to "call-out" from work. The physician had to determine if they were sick enough that they needed off work.

    As far as what we were capable of... pretty much anything except surgery. We had an iSTAT machine that could run basic labs like Hgb (no WBC or Hct), CMP, coags, and ABG; urine dipsticks for UA and pregnancy (yup... told a few ladies they were +!!!), legionella, strep, flu A/B (had a few +). We had an EKG machine, basic (and I mean BASIC) ventilator, x-ray machine (digital!!). We had two inpatient beds as well as an ICU room with IV pumps and cardiac monitor. Our medication supply included routine meds as well as antibiotics-- both PO and IV, ACLS drugs, and many ICU drips. We had a procedure room with sutures, casting supplies, nebulizer. We did have a two-person morgue (thank goodness we didn't ever have to use it).

    War story... The worst patient I had: Gentleman ~60 years old with no medical history is escorted by wheelchair to the medical center just prior to going home (we were docked in FL) with the chief complaint of diarrhea overnight and just "generally not feeling well"... as he is rubbing his chest. I start asking more about this not feeling well and rubbing his chest, and he says that his chest "just doesn't feel right." My instincts were telling me this wasn't good. I got a quick set of vital signs which were not too abnormal-- BP was a tad high, but not alarmingly so. I walked around the wheelchair to push him into the room with the EKG machine, and he went limp. I called the bridge and had them call a Code Alpha. I pulled him to the floor and started compressions. The rest of the medical team and the stretcher team (the crew members assigned to respond for medical emergencies-- they bring all of the medical supplies to the location and assist with bringing them down to the medical center) showed up. We shocked x4, lined, drugged x6 rounds, and intubated. Because we were docked, 911 was called. ~45 minutes later, EMS took him off and we were told the hospital called it as soon as they arrived. Very sad for the family.

    Ship lingo for when you go on your next cruise:
    - Forward-- front of the ship
    - Aft-- back of the ship
    - Starboard-- right side
    - Port-- left side
    - Midship-- middle of the ship... duhhh
    Emergency Codes:
    - Alpha-- medical emergency
    - Bravo-- fire
    - Delta-- ship damage
    - Papa-- hazmat
    - Oscar-- man overboard

    Ok... I think I wore out my keyboard. Hopefully I wasn't too willy-nilly and all over the place in what I wrote.
  12. by   TopazLover
    Hi all.
    Just got back from hospital. Spent last night there and slept much of today. SO still on vent. They now have decided he has had a stroke sometime after admission. CT scan yesterday. I went back to hospital to check on him after he had an MRI today. Of course they had to snow him for the tests. Last night I was there as they did not want to snow him to get the opportunity to get him off vent. Now on hold until results of MRI. He was able to follow commands, answered questions well, and knew family. Tearful often and upset with mitts.

    Yesterday when they discovered the stroke I came apart. Deja vu all over again. I called my DS to come stay with me at the hospital for awhile until I got it together again. Anyone who gives me a hug will get a drenching. My son just held me and let me cry. I have great children and he really understands and is good at doing the right thing.

    Thank you for the kind words and prayers. They mean so much to me.
  13. by   Spidey's mom
    I'm so sorry aky. I don't know what else to say. xoxo
  14. by   Kolohe99
    Quote from Sabby_NC
    Good Morning Dear Friends,


    Hope you are all doing well this Sunday although...
    We had another great hike....

    Walked a few miles along a train track then back down when we saw the trail, the dogs were in seventh heaven....

    Not sure where the hike is today but hopefully some where different....

    When we got home I dashed off to get the groceries while hubby started cleaning....

    I am glad we got that done because I wanted another waxing before the weather turns cooler with increased rains etc just to give it some more protection more than anything...

    I've modified Sabby's post to be about how it looked as I was reading it. I was in a hurry and was just scanning it to get the gist of what she was saying. I sometimes use the old trick of reading just the first line of a paragraph.

    When I got to the last paragraph I've copied, I'm here to tell you that I really took notice. I had an imaginary conversation with Sabby that went something like this:

    "Say WHAT?? Uh.... OK... I'm not sure I needed to know that.... But I am kind of confused; just what kind of perversions do you and the DH have planned that you need to get a waxing before it rains? I'm no prude, but I just don't understand the connection.

    "And besides that, do you appreciate the irony of a woman from Tassie having that particular procedure done?? I mean.... you're the one who educated us all on the "Map of Tassie" and now you're going to desecrate it?? Where is your sense of patriotism woman!!?"

    I got about that far in my imaginary conversation with Sabby when I finally read the paragraph ABOVE the one where she had apparently told me more than I need to know. Then the light went off.... "OH!!!! That kind of waxing... now I get it!"

    Hi everyone! I just popped in to see what was going on. I still think about everyone here; and follow some on FB, but I just don't have enough time to work two jobs, spend time on FB, AND spend time on AN. I do pop in and sneak a peak (in a manner of speaking) every once in a while. Take care.