Sunday - November 16th, 2014 - Good Morning!

  1. Good Morning -

    It's 3:06 AM (EST) here. It's a nice, quiet night out at home. Thought I'd start today's "Good Morning Thread" as I contemplate working on a music composition.

    Yesterday was both a productive and relaxing day. I actually put "pencil to manuscript paper" and advanced this orchestral composition that I've been working on forever. There's still much more work to go, but at least I've developed the composition towards what I hope to be an interesting musical direction. Then, later in the early evening, Amy and I relaxed and watched recorded television shows that we didn't get a chance to watch during the week ("Z-Nation", "NCIS", "Sleepy Hollow").

    Later this morning, we'll be going to church. We have the usual 2 choir rehearsals (one before and one after the church service). We'll be preparing for the Advent & Christmas church season which is quickly coming up on the calendar. After church, Amy and I hope to have a "dinner and a movie" date.

    There is a new date scheduled to re-record the "donning and doffing of the PPE" project. Hopefully no mistakes will take place during this video-recording. LOL! Oh, I did some editing, Saturday, on the other video project being "produced" for my hospital (the "Welcome to Fairview Hospital" project). That is coming along nicely.

    Nothing much else going on.

    For those experiencing the trials and tribulations in life, please know that you're warmly held in thought and prayer. Peace, folks.

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  3. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    Good Morning, all!

    Gotta dash.....Have a good'n, y'all!
  4. by   Sabby_NC
    Good Morning Ted, NSIME and all who pop in,

    Again I plan to hit the packing so I do not want to spend too much time on the computer. Going to get the ironing out of the way as well before heading back to work tomorrow.

    Got heaps done yesterday in the kitchen with cupboards scrubbed out, rocking it out that is for sure.

    Freezing temps so keeping busy inside works for me.

    Hubby on call had 3 call outs last night and one this morning, I do pray he can get a little rest later on.

    May you all have a very happy Sunday.

    There is so much hurt, tragedies going on that my heart is heavy but I pray with all my heart that God lifts those up and holds them close.

    I will try and pop in later on.

    Much love to you all.
  5. by   Joe NightingMale
    -Morning Ted Stars Sabby

    Was a little annoyed yesterday, did my shopping in the morning, then my dad called to let me know my sister was coming in the afternoon and wanted to go out to dinner later. I don't like how she always does things last minute, but went to see my dad for lunch as usual and stayed there because my sister said she'd be by around 4. Well, 5 rolled around and no appearance and no call. I finally got tired of waiting and left. Little frustrating how disorganized they are.

    So some of yesterday's chores are now going to have to be done today. Have vacuuming and cooking to do. Going to try and get outside this morning too, although it's gotten very cold. Also have to return the pants I bought yesterday as they're too big, apparently I've lost more weight than I expected. Guess I've hit on the right diet!

    Haven't decided what I'll do for my birthday. Not going to Wisconsin. To be honest there's nothing I'm really dying to do. There are some bookstores I've been wanting to visit, might do that, they're in the city so I haven't been there in quite a while. Might also stop at the art museum, we'll see how I feel, not feeling really "artsy" right now.
  6. by   Spidey's mom
    Good morning! In 2.5 hours I'll be headed to Reno to catch a flight to Las Vegas on Southwest. Here's the crazy way I think - just in case a plane goes down today on the way to Vegas, you'll know right away if it was me or not. To all the burglars out there though, my husband and son are still here and they have easy access to firearms! So, stay away.

    Yeah, I know . . . .I just let you in on a little secret . . .that my mind works in mysterious ways.

    As a nurse, I see things turn out badly all the time. My daughter lost a good friend a few days ago. Her 3 year old son is in critical condition. Someone hit them head-on, he driving a pickup and she in a Suburban. He died too. That makes me think back to when Aqua Man was in a (multiple) rollover in our Suburban and barely got a scratch.

    As a nurse, I see things turn out well all the time. One of our son's friend's mom came by last night - her son would not answer his cell phone and she needed help. Spidey and dad went with her and found him - he stayed here for a few hours and then went home. I'm glad he got home safely.

    Joe, I have a friend who is in Chicago right now . .she spent 6 hours in the museum there and saw Sue, the T-Rex and Monet masterpieces . . . . I could lose myself in a museum like that.

    I have packing to do . . I always wait to the last minute of course. I'll bring my computer with me so I can check in.

    Have a lovely Sunday. (No plane crashes!).
  7. by   dianah
    Ted: D&D of the PPE?

    Sabby, hope Joey gets some well-deserved rest.
    How is the hip today?

    Joe, I agree about ppl who are late and don't call.
    I know your beef is about disorganization and last-minute things. I am not as organized as I *should* be, and I am OK with some last-minute things (they in fact can be fun and exciting).
    But it feels like disrespect to change two different people's plans (yours and your dad's) last-minute then be late and not call.
    and, if she didn't ask but just announced... well, I applaud you for leaving.
    You showed restraint to stay till 5.
    Draw the line in the sand.

    JBudd, thank you for the update. I hope you continue to do well and KICK BUTT!!

    NSIME, hope your shift goes well.

    I have to run to the bank briefly and then when I return home we will leave for Oak Glen.
    We are doing music there today, THE WHOLE BAND!!!
    12-3 we will have fun playing.
    Then will eat some yummy food.
    Fiddler will then leave to return to Fresno, and mando player to his digs, around an hour away.
    We haven't played together (all) since August.
    = one happy person to be playing together again.

    There is still serious discussion about scheduling a session in the recording studio, for a fourth CD.
    The others? We are giving them away like HOTCAKES!!! lol lol
    We just like the process. Like chronicling our growth, like arranging the pieces, like playing.

    Y'all have a good one
  8. by   Sabby_NC
    Phew I am exhausted LOL.

    Kitchen cupboards emptied bar a few essential items, washed and all nice and clean.

    Got outside and decided to mow the leaves and strangling long grass, looks so nice and neat out there now.

    Have got the ironing out of the way and am now cooking up some veggies as my staple meal. Love freshly steamed veggies with a little fresh parmesan cheese and when I am ready to eat I will add either some sour cream or a dollop of butter, that depends on my mood. LOL

    Whispering traveling grace for Stephanie.

    Dianah my hip is a pain but I push through it, I know I will pay for mowing but I so love to get outside and do that. Mind you I am sure I looked funny wearing a coat and shorts. LOL

    Hubby is out on a visit and has been for a while now, sounds like a neuro issue to me with elevated heart rate and low pulse. Goal is to keep the patient at home so not sure how that will go.

    My hands are so dry as soon as veggies are cooked and frozen into portions I am going to clean up the kitchen counters then get these hands moisturized.

    Hope you all have had an awesome Sunday.
  9. by   Kolohe99
    Quote from Spidey's mom

    Yeah, I know . . . .I just let you in on a little secret . . .that my mind works in mysterious ways.

    Have a lovely Sunday. (No plane crashes!).
    Uh, newsflash Steph.... it wasn't that big of a secret.

    Also, I know how the majority of nurses hate statistics (at least taking the class) but the truth is, your chance of having "issues" while driving to Reno is about a 2000 times greater than having any problems during your flight. So fly relaxed but drive like every other driver on the road is an idiot.