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Hi Gang, Am I one of the dying breed that still insist on Sunday dinner?When I got married, I insisted on cooking the "big Sunday dinner", my husband though I was nuts. His family rarely ate meals... Read More

  1. by   nursedawn67
    originally posted by love-a-nurse
    for us, not only sunday, but as much as possible through the week too.
    us too....everyone seems to enjoy it and i know the kids will remember these times when they are grown.
  2. by   H ynnoD
    We don't have dinner together as a Family very often,but try and do other things as a family as much as possible
  3. by   prmenrs
    You're making me drool on the computer! Stop!
  4. by   Tweety
    I grew up in one of those rare households where we had meals together 7 days a week. Mom got up and made breakfast, and supper was on the table every night. Dad mad Sunday breakfasts, which we always hated. LOL
  5. by   NRSKarenRN
    Sunday is usually a big meal too at our house. We still all try and eat dinner together except those days hubby works nights.

    Last night it was Chicken breasts with stuffing, baked potato and carrots---oops forgot the cranberry sauce in the fridge. Later dessert was pound cake slice with strawberries and cool whip.
    I try to do that for all the quick meals during the week. (Mom guilt). Next week it's Roast beef.
  6. by   jnette
    Yep... ALWAYS had supper together.. without fail. If there was anything going on, it was to be either BEFORE or AFTER supper. Can't remember EVER missing the four of us around the dinnertable... Sis had the "honors" of sitting next to Dad.. hee... just in arm's reach if she forgot not to roll her eyes... HAR !!! (eyerolling was NOT tolerated in our house).

    Then she'd kick me under the table.
  7. by   NICU_Nurse
    I'm with 3rdshift. My father insisted that we all eat together every day of the week- dinner was promptly at 5:30pm, be there or be in big trouble. My mom was a nurse, and I'll NEVER know how she managed to do that every night for YEARS. It changed a bit when we got older- as teenagers, we were excused from the weekend suppers (I think mom and dad enjoyed time alone!), but we weren't allowed to go hang out with our friends on Fridays until AFTER dinner. Weekend mornings brought their own treat: Strawberry pancakes on Saturday morning, watching in front of the Saturday morning cartoons. The one time we got to eat in the living room! My dad was infamous for his "suppers" when it was his rare responsibility (if my mom was working nights). I remember a lot of ice cream suppers (he liked chocolate to represent the meat, vanilla for the mashed potatos, and lime sherbet or pistachio for the "greens" and "Breakfast for Dinner!" nights, where he'd make scrambled eggs and toast, or big bowls of cereal. Way to work it, Dad. He always made it sound like it was exciting. "You kids know what tonight is, right? It's "Breakfast for Dinner!" night!" in his best game-show voice.

    My husband and I are known to do this on occasion, now!
  8. by   Tweety
    Originally posted by Berta

    Oh well, just call me old fashioned. I shall continue to cook my big Sunday meal. Anyone care to join us? Today we are having roast beef, potatoes, carrots, peas, rolls, gravy, and cranberry sause. I promise good conversation and a full belly.

    Thanks for listening, Berta

    BTW, I think you're awesome. Sorry I missed Sunday. What's on for next Sunday. I'm off. LOL
  9. by   Berta
    Next Sunday menu:
    Breakfast: corn pancakes, syrup, and huge glass of milk
    Dinner as follows:
    marinated garlic pork roast
    baked potatoes
    snap peas
    sugarfree chocholate pudding with fresh strawberries

    Supper: whoever will deliver...