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  1. by   Roy Fokker
    Interesting thing happened yesterday.

    I was checking up my youtube videos page and I got a "mail" from Jeff Ling.
    Mr. Ling is/was a member of the PMRC - and as such, was a person I had lamblasted in a video I had posted (which was basically a re-cap of Frank Zappa's Crossfire appearance in 1987).

    It was interesting to get an email from him and he claims that now that he is older, he is "much more wiser" and has reconsidered many of his earlier positions. I welcomed him to share his thoughts with me as I believe everyone gets a fair shake.

    Should be interesting ... if he decides to reply that is
  2. by   pickledpepperRN
    I hope he answers.

    My favorite of songs sung by Clay Aiken
    Oh Beautiful Star of Bethlehem
    YouTube - Clay Aiken Beautiful Star of Bethlehem Raleigh JNT

    (Yes Roy, your introducing us to You Tube has given me so much pleasure!)
  3. by   dianah
    I enjoyed that, space, thanks (although I wanted to hear the fiddle and mandolin take a break . . . )!

    We did our two programs today (one: jazz Christmas music in the park, with the combo; two: bluegrass Christmas music for a church dinner), they were received well. We have one more to do on Thursday, with the jazz class, for a Rotary holiday function, and then we should be done. It's been fun but I haven't done much at home, d/t rehearsals and programs.

    Roy, tell us about your job (HIPAA-safe, that is ), and how orientation is going: rough spots, times when you've surprised yourself with your knowledge or skills, or ? ? ?

    Cheer, good luck tomorrow!

    Well, our microwave quit working Sat. morning, but we have a replacement all installed, thanks to a friend who gave us an extra she had just sitting in her house! Kept us from diverting Chrismas funds, that's for sure! Thanks Marguerite!!

    See y'all later, have a good evening/night/day! --- D