Someone almost called the cops on me.

  1. Someone almost called the cops on me today. I went to a Wendy's, gave the lady a few dollars and she called her manager. It turns out that those dollar bills were unusual... apparently fake. I'm not exactly sure where they came from. Probably got change back for a small purchase at a store or restaurant.

    The manager said that unless she confiscates the funny-money, she will call the police.
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  3. by   amoLucia
    She's supposed to call the police anyway, I think.

    I worked with a nurse who got tripped up in a counterfeit episode. She tried depositing some cash from her one bank acct to another acct in another bank. She was cleared but she was tied up for hours when she got mixed up. THE FIRST BANK GAVE HER THE 'FUNNY MONEY'. She was on their bank video as receiving cash, but of course, bank #1 wouldn't admit that it had handled counterfeit without catching it itself and had passed it on.

    She was cleared but the episode took hours of police time - she didn't return from her lunch break that day.
  4. by   Lil Nel
    They are required to call law enforcement whenever they receive counterfeit money. If the manager didn't do so, she is in violation of the law. I hope you weren't scammed out of legitimate money.

    When I worked in retail, we scanned $20 bills. Nothing smaller. And of course, we scanned larger bills.
  5. by   azhiker96
    I would have said, "No please, allow me." and then called them myself. The police would want to ask some questions to try to find out where you got the bill. They might have been able to jog your memory by asking if you'd been to a certain store recently where other fake bills had been passed.
  6. by   TC3200
    This happened to my nephew, only it was a $100 bill. He was questioned when he attempted to deposit some cash and the fake $100 was among a stack of bills. It was an older year, which apparently is what counterfeiters like to copy because the new bills have too many safeguards. The bank confiscated the suspicious bill, and will turn it over to the FBI. Nephew was told that if the bill turns out to be genuine, he will get $100 back. If it's counterfeit, he is out $100. So we all might want to start testing and inspecting bills.
  7. by   1056chris
    Some years ago someone owed my husband 20 bucs and he came over our house to pay him back. When my husband took the bill he immediately said "i am not taking this, this bill is fake and he handed it back" it was thicker feeling than a normal bill. He said if he would of took it and went to the store to buy something and they caught it he would be in trouble. Guess he might of been right. I would have never noticed.