So who is going to the "Mel Gibson Movie"

  1. The Passion of Christ? The review of the St. Pete Times gives it an A minus, siting the acting was perfect and the cinemetography was perfect. His only compliant was that it was so horrible violent, and tough to stomach.

    They had a screening here in advance. Many people walked out because they couldn't take the violence, others were moved to tears at the sacrifice of their Savior and the pain he bore, others sited the violence was necessary to show the true meaning of His sufferings. Others said the violence overshadowed the message that could have been delivered without it.

    I'm glad to hear Mr. Gibson reconsidered and subtitled it in English.

    Anyway, I'm actually considering going, because it sounds good based on the word of mouth and the review. Don't know about the violence though, not sure if I can watch the nails being pounded in crushing bones and all that.

    Anyone who goes post here and let me know what you think.
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    no thanks I will pass.
  4. by   Dave ARNP
    passing on this one...

  5. by   CCU NRS
    I am with you Tweety I think I will see for myself what it is really all about. If I make it soon I will come and give a review. U2 if you see it soon.
  6. by   Gomer
    Not interested. Subject matter is not my cup of tea, but then neither were the "Lord of Rings" or "Star Trek" movies.
  7. by   adrienurse
    I'm warped. I love passion plays. It's the lapsed catholic in me. Did anyone see Jesus of Montreal? Awesome movie! I will see it eventually.
  8. by   manna
    I'll probably go, eventually. Or maybe not, depends on if I can find a sitter (Grandma?).

    Being this is the "Bible belt," some of the churches here have even rented out the theater and are going to see this movie instead of having Sunday evening services. Eek!
  9. by   eltrip
    I'm planning on going as well. Churches here are also renting out theaters. Mine is not one of them but the trailer was shown during our morning worship service after the children were dismissed to children's worship.

    I have no doubt that the film is violent. It was a violent event. I think that, sometimes those who profess Christianity do not grasp the cost of their salvation...or we/they forget.
  10. by   Dixen81
    I'm going. Like Mel Gibson said, the violence is needed to portray the enormity of the sacrafice. We need to be reminded the cost of our salvation so as not to accept it so lightly and take it for granted.
    Looking forward to reviews; I'm going to wait till the crowds die down a little before I go. Probably during Spring Break.
  11. by   Phantom2U
    [B]I am torn about going, simply because of the violence.
    Like other places many of the churches are holding private screenings.
  12. by   DeeDee71
    I have my ticket for this Saturday's afternoon showing.
  13. by   PennyLane
    Hmmm...hadn't given it much thought. I do have the newsweek with the article on it, though. I'd like to find out what all the controversy is about. It'll probably be a renter for me.
  14. by   AmyLiz
    I probably won't, simply because of the violence...but I heard that it was an amazing movie. My cousin got to go to Chicago to see a screening (and he met Mel Gibson, which really made me jealous!) and said that it is one of his top 5 favorite movies of all time now.

    He told me that Mel said that he "toned down the violence" a little from what he had planned on doing, but it's still REALLY violent.