September 2018 Caption Contest: Win $100!

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  2. Halloween is around the corner so let's have some fun.

    This caption contest is different from others. What I want you to do here is Finish the Toon.

    I set the environment ... I started the conversation ... now, it's up to you to finish the toon.

    Your mission, should you choose to accept it...
    1. Create a LOL sharable caption.
    2. Read Caption Contest Rules.
    3. Share your caption here.
    4. Repeat

    Why not give it a try? It's free. You could win $100!

    Submit your captions TODAY!

    To participate please follow the Caption Contest Rules below.

    • The winner wins $100.
    • Everyone is allowed to participate!
    • You may submit multiple captions.
    • A TOP 8 Captions Poll will be created 30-40 days after the start of the contest by
    • You, the community, will select the winner. The caption with the most votes win.
    • The Winner will be announced 60 days (give or take 1 week) from the start of the contest.
    • Captions must be posted on to participate.
    • Captions must comply with our Terms of Service.

    Update (Oct 15)

    Thank you. We had a lot of great captions! It's now up to you to select the winner.

    Top 8 Captions Poll is now available!

    Congratulations CalicoKitty. You won $100!

    You won $100! Your entry was selected by the community as the best caption for our September 2018 Caption Contest - Select $100 Winner!

    Cartoon can be viewed at The 'Q' Word During a Full Moon.
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  3. Poll: Select your favorite caption(s)...

    • You're new here, right?

      16.67% 3
    • You must be a new grad.

      22.22% 4
    • I'll take an eclipse any day of the week!

      16.67% 3
    • The newbies always get crazy during a full moon.

      16.67% 3
    • You must be the guy that said tonight was pretty quiet.

      38.89% 7
    • Who are you and what have you done with my coworker?!

      5.56% 1
    • Clearly, this is your first time working on a full moon night.

      22.22% 4
    • Umm... any time you want to clock in, we could use a little help.

      33.33% 6
    18 Votes / Multiple Choice
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  5. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    You know, it's only an Old Wive's Tale that people get nutty when there's a full moon.
  6. by   CalicoKitty
    Yes, especially when combined with a fine bottle of polyethylene glycol.
  7. by   JadedCPN
    Screw this, I'm retiring.
  8. by   JadedCPN
    Who are you and what have you done with my coworker?!
  9. by   JadedCPN
    You must be a new grad.
  10. by   djh123
    "Yes, the bloodletting has already begun".
  11. by   nlb0101
    We have got to get rid of this mural.
  12. by   nlb0101
    Carl, every night is a full moon at this hospital.
  13. by   d'cm
    Uhhhh ... no.
  14. by   PRINCESS56
    Well the word "LOVE" might be a little strong!!!
  15. by   Ebenitez
    Clearly, this is your first time working on a full moon night.
  16. by   Ebenitez
    Sure, if you like horror movies!

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