Saturday 6th January, 2007

  1. good morning from "down under!" to saturday!

    well, my 'rain dance' (after slicing into my pinky the other day) has certainly obtained results! :chuckle we've been receiving some good rain over the past couple of days. and we've woken to more rain today! :bowingpur

    my saturday is consisting of doing the washing, which will mean using the dryer instead of hanging out on the line in the sun, but it needs doing so, so be it! and then .... it's tackling this office! i'm going to sort, cull, clean, and overall tidy this office!

    wishing all a safe, happy and healthy saturday! :flowersfo

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  3. by   sirI
    gracie and good morning to your saturday!!!

    good to see you and thanks for starting the good morning thread. glad your pinky finger is getting better. bless your heart. hope you have a wonderful day.:spin:

    i'm fixin' to take a shower and call it a day - my friday. i'm plum tuckered out. to all coming on, hope your weekend is splendid. see all ya'll later.

  4. by   Grace Oz
    sweet dreams my friend! (((hug)))
    i'm logging out now and going to tackle those chores!
    been 'playing' here long enough! :uhoh21:

  5. by   dianah
    I just got home from work, made some quick din-din for the kids . . .

    For Christmas I received a daily tear-off calendar providing a wacky website for each day of the year. I was unable to access one of them, but I'll try to pass on the others as I reach them:

    1/2: SAMHSA's National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information (NCADI)
    see how much money you've spent on drugs and drink in the past
    and then dream of what you could buy with all the dough you'll save
    by staying clean and sober. Brought to you by your helpful friends at
    the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
    1/3: unable to access
    1/4: Modern Mummification by Summum
    Why spend big bucks on a funeral when you can be mummified
    instead! Also order a beautiful King Tut-style casket that can
    "beautify the home decor of one of your descendants. Spend the
    next few millennia being passed from generation to generation,
    attend family dinners in the 28th century . . ."
    virtual "lite brite"

    Guess I'll post the next each day, as I'm caught up for now!

    Everyone have a good Sat/weekend!! Grace, would you come over and straighten up my whole house, please?? You'd entirely lose respect for me if you saw the mess it's in now!!
  6. by   Spidey's mom
    arrggh . . .I hit a key and my whole message erased.

    Let me see . . . I told Dianah I get Grace first!

    I told ya'all about not going to So. Cal after all for the Vietnam thingy - the professionals don't have to go but I did want to meet all the newbies. My house and family need me more.

    I took the "fake" Christmas tree down - it comes in 3 parts - I cannot get them all back into the box they came in.

    Happy Saturday to everyone - I don't work and I didn't have to go into work today for any mommies in labor . . . .

  7. by   Beary-nice
    Good Saturday Morning Grace...I suppose I missed you already.

    Well, gonna wrap up Friday here. Think I'll rip the plastic off my peds text and begin reading for Monday. Then, I think those new pillows on the bed are calling me.

    Nite-nite Siri...Di....Steph...see everyone on the flip-side. And BTW...get off those fluffy duffs and MONKEYDANCE!!!!! all y'all get down tonite!!!! uh huh...uh huh...
  8. by   Spidey's mom
    Beary - there is NO alcohol in the house so no monkey dancing for me.

    I forgot - I must remember to go get Bailey in the morning, who had her baby making parts taken out today.

  9. by   Beary-nice
    Steph my dear punkin needn't any ETOH for the MONKEYDANCE

    so shake it baby...shake it....and don't forget your bailey in the am, hope all went okay.
  10. by   TheCommuter
    Where I live, we have another 3.5 hours until Saturday officially arrives. However, I might as well get my first post in here early.
  11. by   dianah
    lol, dh, being a banjo player, is a member of a few banjo boards (much, --- no, somewhat like this BB ), and he just showed me a piccy of some other member's (from Pennsylvania) favorite pet: a possum! Yup, it's the Pet Possum from Pennsylvania, and in the piccy it WAS playing possum! The poster said when it plays possum it emits an odor very similar to the smell of rotting meat . . . how nice!!

    So, yeah, it was the Pennsylvania Poster's Pet Possum Playing Possum.
  12. by   bethin
    Good morning Grace and good night everyone else.

    Have to work tomorrow so no fun for me tonight. Didn't get what I planned to do today. I woke up with a bad tension headache and just bummed around today. Never got out of my pj's. Took a shower and just changed into different ones.

    Hope everyone has a great night or day if you're Grace!
  13. by   leslie :-D
    i looooooooooove those jammy type of days, bethy.
    flannel lowrise pants, big and baggy; unshaved legs; johnson's baby lotion slathered allover- i'm in heaven.

    and cotton socks.
    never go anywhere w/o my cotton socks.
  14. by   jenn_rn_nj
    Hello all and good night/morning.

    It was a sllloooowwww day at work today - I hate days like that they drag on and on and on and on - I'd much rather be busy (but not insanely crazy).

    Heading to my parents tomorrow morning - my sister and I are taking my dad to Chadd's Ford winery and then we will meet up with my mom and niece (who are having a nana / niece shopping day) for dinner. I'm then heading to a former college roomies house for a girls evening (maybe stay all night if I have a glass of wine or two).

    I hope you all have a good night / day wherever you are and with whatever you have to do.