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good morning from "down under!" :welcome: to saturday! :lol2: well, my 'rain dance' (after slicing into my pinky the other day) has certainly obtained results! :chuckle we've been receiving... Read More

  1. by   donsterRN
    Good morning, everyone!

    I overslept, again. I just can't seem to get my sleeping patterns back to a more manageable habit, but I'm working on it. I was noticing we had at least two pages of posts on this thread, all timed before I was remotely conscious! I feel tired at my normal bedtime, but then I get to bed and I'm wide awake. I just can't fall asleep, and then when I eventually do (somewhere between 3 and 4) I wake up so easily. It's not until after 6 or so that I'm sleeping so deeply that I'd need an explosion to wake up. And I'd like to be up at 7. I keep trying.

    I'm outta here for a couple of weeks; we're on vacation. I'll be back on Sunday, the 21st. You all be well and be safe. I'll be thinking of you. Prayers and good wishes to those in need.


  2. by   donsterRN
    Quote from rninme
    Morning all!

    It's 50 degrees here!! Raining but I love El Nino!!

    We're just hanging around the house today. DH is playing a video game...I'm playing on the computer. Day of nothing!! If I can stay off that e-*** place, I'll be doing good!! Bought a new pair of nursing shoes....EARTH shoes.....hehe...I love them. I wore them years ago....and I had forgotten just how comfortable they are.'s day number 6 for no smoking. One reason I haven't been around here....more than a LITTLE cranky! Not drinking much coffee's that association thingy . I am a woman on the edge . LOL....I'll make it....but it might not be a pretty journey .

    Have a great day all.....send peaceful karma my way please!!!!
    Awesome news about quitting smoking!!! I've been there and I know your pain! Good for you; I promise it really is worth it when it's all said and done.
  3. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    Thanks, Dianah.....I thought it was really cool that he chose Kaylee to light the tree.

    Don, enjoy your vacation!

    CseMgr1, I hope all works out well.

    RNINME.....I hope the ban on smoking works for you. DH and I have exceeded 1 year now (as of Dec 18th.) I'm rootin' for ya!!!
  4. by   suzy253
    Good morning everyone! I feel like I've been running around the last couple of days and getting nothing done!

    Hope you have a wonderful vacation Don!!!

    Rainy and in the high 50's here, much like in ME. Work evening for me both today and tomorrow. Last night I went to friend's house and we were hanging out on the front porch!! This is January isn't it? :spin:

    Have to grab my 2nd cuppa!!!
  5. by   jnette
    Greetings !

    Just got in from work... had agreed to help out at dialysis a couple hours this morning, then proceeded to a HH patient's house to do a post-hospital "resumption of care"... as I was already out and about, anyway. So now I'm home, and yes, I'm slipping into my flannels as well for the remainder of the day !


    Might have another post-hospital or two this weekend yet, but I can do them tomorrow if they do come in.
    I'm not on call, but these are time-consuming, and I had offered to take them off the hands of our call nurses as they already have enough to do this weekend as it is. So should these pts. be discharged, I'll go ahead and work them up.

    NOW... lemme get those flannels on !!!
  6. by   dianah
    get comfy, jnette, and enjoy the rest of the day!

    fun, i love your avatar!!!!!

    well, i'm ready to go, just waiting on dh. i think the ds's are ready too. we need to pack up the instruments and head out to the church. dh and i have a little practice session w/some earliteens, for them to teach us some of the newer praise songs. should be fun.

  7. by   tnbutterfly

    i thought i'd better get on here and say good morning while it's still morning here! i hope y'all are having a great day so far.

    i've not been on here much lately......i've been trying to spend time with my friend who lost her husband. we took a little road trip yesterday. she went with me to take all my "extra pets" back to my daughter who left them here temporarily while she went to a wedding shower for a friend. a 4 hour trip one way through torrential downpours with 2 guinea pigs and a puppy was quite an experience. actually the trip took longer since the weather was so bad. we saw 3 very bad accidents on the way. i could hardly see coming back in the dark and the rain. it was certainly not fun driving, but i was glad i had someone with me.

    i have lots of cleaning and laundry i need to do today. the house is certainly quiet without my kids and animals. of course i still have my 2 dogs here.

    i hope all of you who are sick are getting better.

    don.......i hope you have a great vacation!! be sure and take lots of pictures so you can make us jealous when you return. hahaha
  8. by   tnbutterfly
    great pictures mi'shelle! sounds like y'all had a really good time.
  9. by   tnbutterfly
    rninme.......congratulations for giving up smoking!!!
  10. by   tnbutterfly
    hi suzy......enjoy your day before you have to go into work.
  11. by   tnbutterfly
    howdy jnette.......sounds like you've been a busy lady this morning. i think you deserve some play time on the computer!
  12. by   tnbutterfly
    hi dianah..........y'all have a good time learning some new songs from those youngins. have fun!!!
  13. by   Beary-nice
    Good morning folks...almost noon here in CATTLE COUNTRY. Just took dd to a wrestling meet at her school and left explicit instructions that she is not to leave the school and I will be there to get her at 5pm. We'll see what happens...

    I'm fixing to shower, clean the house and yes, read some more peds for Monday as that is when class starts.

    Congrattys to can do it!!!!

    Happy happy vacation Don!


    (((((still sick folk))))))))

    (((((everyone))))))) hugs from beary

    have a smack happy day!