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  1. Ok, my exotic vacation plans have been wrecked (don't ask) so now, I am thinking San Fran for a few days. Any suggestions on what to see? I have never been before...Thanks
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  3. by   CATHYW
    The bridge, the Fort at the base of the bridge, Fisherman's Wharf, the Ghiardelli Chocolate Factory, Chinatown, Marin County, and the wine country (darn it, I forgot the name! somebody else will know it). I was out there in August 1989, came back into the city via the Oakland Bay bridge. 6 weeks later, I am watching a ball game, and blammo! Earthquake! Completely destroyed that bridge I'd been on! I'd go back in a heartbeat, though! Have a great time!
    Nappa is the wine country and do some shopping at macys while your there and Eat at the warph
    You will have a good time in San Fran but pack something warm its cold on the bay area
  5. by   Dplear
    Lets not forget Alcatraz.......a great place to visit...would not wanna stay there but a great place to visit. If you have a car while you are there I would suggest getting down towqards Carmel and Monterrey area. I love San Fran. I have done several travel assignments out to there. If only I could afford to live there. My house in Houston would cost me about 1.5-2 mill in San Fran.

  6. by   dianah
    Gotta take one of the trolley cars (catch near the wharf). Smell all the sea smells @ the wharf; get some soup in a sourdough bowl (San Francisco, AKA "The City", NEVER "FRISCO," please!). We always enjoyed the Hungarian restaurant, "Paprikas Fono" (or something like that) on one of the upper floors in Ghirardelli Square. GREAT bread, and you smear fresh garlic on it -- MMMMMMM!!! Some tables with wonderful bay view . . .
    The Alcatraz tour is interesting too - a ferry takes you over.
    Drive up to the Napa Valley on 29, is always lovely -- go all the way to Calistoga, if you've a mind. There used to be a "wine train" that folks could take up there (left from Napa, I believe) and sample without driving. In the fall, with harvest, the air in the valley is heavy with fragrance of the grapes - smell is intoxicating!! Cute little hamlets all along the highway (all catering to tourists, of course!).
    If you like parks with great walks, Muir Woods is on the coast, just north of the Golden Gate Bridge; it features stands of sequoias that grow only in that small eco-pocket. Paths are well-maintained, level and we've seen deer crossing in between the strolling tourists . . .
    Ferry across the bay to Sausalito, if you like artsy-fartsy stuff 'n shops . . .
    Golden Gate Park & its museums are always good . . .
    Actually, just get a guide book or peruse the stands of brochures @ the hotel; you'll find plenty to do according to your likes. Have a GREAT time!!
  7. by   Mkue
    originally posted by cathy wilson, rn
    the bridge, the fort at the base of the bridge, fisherman's wharf, the ghiardelli chocolate factory, chinatown, marin county, and the wine country (darn it, i forgot the name! somebody else will know it). i was out there in august 1989, came back into the city via the oakland bay bridge. 6 weeks later, i am watching a ball game, and blammo! earthquake! completely destroyed that bridge i'd been on! i'd go back in a heartbeat, though! have a great time!
    yes, fisherman's warf is a very interesting place, you gotta see it..

    i remember that we had to go underneath a street to get to alcatraz and if i can remember we boarded at fisherman's warf
  8. by   stevierae
    As soon as you get there, pick up a copy of "The Guardian" and "SF Weekly." They are free on just about every street corner. Look in those papers for cheap places to eat, cheap places to go, frequented by the locals. STEER CLEAR OF THE TOUISTY PLACES!!! Don't waste time and $$$ at Scoma's or buying expensive souvenirs at Pier 39. Go to Clement street for Chinese food; not Chinatown. I work in S.F. quite a bit; in fact, just got back 2 days ago.

    Yoko Ono is having a show at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; through September. There is also an Asian Art Museum and other museums that are cool. Check the museum listings; there are free days. You will like Golden Gate Park.

    Try to get to Berkeley; you can take the Bart. If you can get reservations (try now) go to Alice Waters' restaurant (Chez Panisse, I think it is called. ) There is a really good Ethiopian restaurant on Telegraph in Berkeley called "Cafe Colucci." Try their tea and their honey wine (but don't try the honey wine if sweet wines make you gag.)

    If you don't have a hotel yet, go on google, cheap hotels; Cathedral Hill often has a $59.00 rate. The fisherman's wharf hotels are waaaaaayyyyyyyy overpriced and some of them (i.e., The Radisson) are kinda ratty.

    One place you really should try, although it is in The Tenderloin, so be careful, and don't give ANY money to panhandlers; they are mostly all drunks and junkies--Saigon Sandwiches. Little Vietnames sandwiches on mini-baguettes. None over $2.50.

    Feel free to private message me if you have specific questioons or want other restaurant suggestions. My friends and I make a point of finding places under $10.00.

    The Haight is a waste of time. Bunch of runaway kids who have drug problems and think it is 1967. But, if you do walk through there, go to The Citrus Club (a noodle place) on Haight and Cole. I stay in The Haight, when I am there, and eat lunch there almost every day. Big, fresh noodle dishes made with citrus juices, no oil, for 5 to 7 dollars.

    If you REALLY want to splurge, go to Farallon, or, better yet, Aqua.
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  9. by   stevierae
    Oh, regarding wine country--there are 2 areas that locals call wine country--Napa (already mentioned) and Sonoma. Most everyone I know likes Sonoma best.
  10. by   stevierae
    P.S. Zoe is right; it can get hella cold. Dress in layers. You can always take some off. Try to take a bus that says "Ocean Beach" and walk up by Sutro Baths and maybe have a drink or Sunday brunch at Cliff House.

    Heck, maybe you should just wait until I am there again, and I will be your tour guide!!! So much to do there, and not enough hours in the day to do it all.

    If you go down to The Mission, there is great, authentic, cheap Mexican food everywhere. Try La Cumbre; I think it is on 18th and Valencia. (The late) Joey Ramone said they make "The World's Best Burrito" and who am I to argue with Joey Ramone?

    Another cheap place in the Mission, if you like Indian food: Pakwan, on Mission. There is one down near Union Square, too. They both have goat one night a week; roasted; very good. (Call ahead, if you think you'd like goat, to see what night.)

    Of course, go to see Mission Delores; it is the oldest Mission in the United States. Very beautiful Sunday Mass; also has an interesting old cemetery on the grounds.

    Don't be surprised if you want to stay. Nursing salaries are some of the best in the country--then again, housing is the most expensive.
  11. by   Ted
    . . . . in San Fransisco. . . . .

    :spin: :spin:

    (Sorry . . . couldn't resist. . . )


    P. S. San Fransisco is a great town! Only been there a couple of times . . . oh so long ago . . .