Right lower quadrant pain delimma

  1. I've been having this dull pain for 3 days now. Appendicitis probably, right? Go see the MD and have him tell you to have it taken out, right? Well, I've just moved 2 months ago and just started in the OR @ the "main" hospital in town (2 months into a 6 month orientation, new to the OR). I'm half way through my 10 week rotation in the General rotation where I've gotten to know and trust which MD's would be good for an appendectomy (if neccesary). However, I'm thinking that it would be strange to have my new colleuges (techs and circulators) take care of me while I'm under. Another point worth mentioning is that I'm the only male RN @ this busy 21 room OR, the relevance of which may or may not be of significance. So should I need to have my appendix taken out do I go where I work and know the docs and staff, or should I go to the smaller hospital in town that I don't know anything about? Thanks in advance for any insight.
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  3. by   cactus wren
    My feeling is...better the devil you know, than the one you don`t......just go get it checked out

    Minor rant........

    What`s up with all these smart nurses ignoring S & S that could be something seriious.....??? Been a rash of them on here layely...

    of course ,I`d NEVER do something like that.....
  4. by   Rustyhammer
    Hmm....Stay where you work and get bedbaths by your co-workers and choose your doc.....
    Choose the other hospital and remain incognito.
  5. by   e-nurse
    I've also never had surgery before and am kind of freaked out @ the thought of them poking around in there even though I see it every day.
  6. by   dianah
    S/Sx may not be what you think. Get it checked out. Peritonitis, multiple abscess drains, raging sepsis, pleural effusions, ARDS, are NO FUN. Get worked up by an MD you trust -- and then (because we're all human and can make mistakes/miss things) get a second opinion. Let us know how things go. -- D
  7. by   Q.
    Hey! You sound like me!

    Still undiagnosed...
    Originally posted by cactus wren
    Minor rant........

    What`s up with all these smart nurses ignoring S & S that could be something seriious.....??? Been a rash of them on here layely...

    Uh huh. Farggin hilarious, aint it? Then they come along and give medical advice to each other! :chuckle
  9. by   e-nurse
    Just saw the NP who had me go to the hospital for STAT WBC's and UA. Just waiting to hear back from her. I think she thinks it's the appendix. She had me choose a surgeon. Still not really thrilled @ the thought of having it taken out.
  10. by   WalMart_ADN
    well, it's better than leaving it in.....
  11. by   cpgrn
    I had my tubal done at a hospital where I worked in surgery by a surgeon I knew and trusted. I also requested my scrub and circulator and anesthetist because I trusted them. It worked out all right and I'm sure that's more embarassing than an appendectomy.
  12. by   e-nurse
    Whites were normal, but I'm still having the pain (discomfort really) which got worse for a couple hours after the NP examined me. Going to see the surgeon tommorrow. Wish me luck.