Quick and Easy Meyers-Briggs Test - page 3

I bet alot of you have taken this test before. This version takes about 2 minutes. I had taken the longer one previously. I'm an INFP no matter which version I take.... Read More

  1. by   luv-my-dal
    I Serve Family Joyfully!
    Describes me to at T!! Thanks for the website!
  2. by   cwazycwissyRN
    ESFP enjoyed the test, kinda left a strange feeling, how true it was.
  3. by   LaVorneRN
    On both the long and mini websites I am ISFP
    The short one says:I seek fun and pleasure
    The longer one says ISFP means introversion, sensation, feeling and perception. I am an Artisan, one of four types. The type I am is a composer. I value freedom and spontaneity,want to be without constraint, at liberty act on impulses, create, and play. Artisans are30-40% of the population and have a natural ability to excel in the arts (performing or fine) and account for the beauty, grace, fun, and excitement in life enjoyed by others.
    That's what the long version says.
    It's funny that both versions came out with the same result.
  4. by   Nursie30
    ESTJ.........this could be helpful with writing my resume lol
  5. by   liberalrn
    Great. Mine stands for "It is Not Thoroughlyy Justified." What a moniker! Actually it is soooooo true. You want me to do something? anything? You have to give me a reason...... a logical, sensible reason that I agree with.....that's why military was OUT for me!! Don't I sound llike a PIA?
    Now the good stuff: I am insightful, mentally quick (most days lol), logical, analytical, ingenious, highly independent, organized, individualistic; I like decisive and intelluctual people. Nailed me to the wall--every time I take this test! this is one of the rarest "types" --only 10% or something like that. I think this is a harder type to be if female (me) in this culture, than male.

    do feel it makes me sound completely unsympathetic and unfeeling....but I do have compassion and empathy for most pts (some are off another planet--lol) and I have a wicked sense of humor.

    sbic56--guess the feeling never goes away!
  6. by   JedsMom
    ESFJ. And so true
  7. by   Nurse Ratched
    ESTJ according to this test - usually come up as ENTJ. I find the description annoyingly accurate .
  8. by   moonshadeau
    I believe that the Briggs-Myers book says that a good occupation for a nurse is ISTJ. But can't quite remember for sure. I know I was always perturbed that mine was never close. I used to be an ESFP, but as I get "older" I am becoming some much more introverted in my personal life because I am so extroverted in my professional that it takes everything out of you.
  9. by   Whisper
    ISFJ: "I Serve Family Joyfully"
  10. by   USA987
    ISTJ...and I AM going to the ICU in July!

    As an LVN I was a Psych nurse!

  11. by   Liddle Noodnik
    Originally posted by nurse2002
    I am an extra special freindly person.
    I am an ESFP too! Really weird, I used to be an INFP, back in 90 when I was only 5 years sober! Now an extrovert??? I don't believe it! But -- the summary does seem to fit me!

    The first time I did it I was living in a transitional housing program for women. We would meet once a week and have different discussions, play "theraputic" games, and once we did "Please understand me." (The first book based on the Meyers-Briggs test). At the time I suffered from a LOT of anxiety AND I could hardly bear to be around people.

    Now? The comments I get are "MY you're a friendly person!" I will make joking comments in the elevator to complete strangers, LOL!

    But I still need so much down time, expecially after working with people all day. I give all my energy away and by the time I leave I have to "fill back up" by being alone for a while.