Questions Only game--part 1 - page 78

This is a game being played on a fibro board I frequent thought you all might enjoy it. This is how you play you can only answer with a question. I will start: Is it me or is Christmas coming... Read More

  1. by   nekhismom
    Posting a pic of a cootie?? Who can do that?
  2. by   unknown99
    Do I need to be afraid of cooties???
  3. by   nekhismom
    aren't you already afraid of cooties?
  4. by   Loribabble
    Have you ever played the game "Cooties"?
  5. by   nekhismom
    No, but I've played monopoly, what about you?
  6. by   NurseDixie
    Monopoly is a fun game when you win all the money, don't you agree?
  7. by   unknown99
    Can you win at Monopoly if you do not own Park Place and Boardwalk???
  8. by   FranEMTnurse
    Wasn't Babe a pig? Did she have cooties?
  9. by   unknown99
    Did Babe take her cooties to Boardwalk?
  10. by   caffine addict

    Are thsoe cooties in your avatar?
    how'd you do that ?
    If the Cooties are on the boardwalk then should Joe be worried about the roaches in his apt. ?
  11. by   FranEMTnurse

    What type of cooties are they?