Questions Only game--part 1 - page 4

This is a game being played on a fibro board I frequent thought you all might enjoy it. This is how you play you can only answer with a question. I will start: Is it me or is Christmas coming... Read More

  1. by   sphinx
    How can I possibly answer just *one* of those questions?!
  2. by   LisaRN2B
    Wouldn't it be fun to try?
  3. by   ?burntout
    What is the topic now?

    How long will this game last?

  4. by   live4today
    Why? Did Christmas come any faster last year? Or was it slower than this year?
  5. by   dianah
    Is it Christmas ALREADY??????
  6. by   grouchy
    How do you feel about that? Is sounds like you feel stressed about Christmas; is that right?


    (How do you like my therapist imitation?)
  7. by   angelbear
    Who isnt stressed about Christmas?
  8. by   ChicagolandRN
    Alright, who farted?! :roll
  9. by   Jrnalist2RNinOR
    Why do cat farts smell so bad?
  10. by   CCU NRS
    why do all farts smell so bad?
  11. by   Jrnalist2RNinOR
    Do you think that it is the cabbage or the hard boiled eggs that did it? Or maybe the beans? Hmmm....
  12. by   CCU NRS
    What do beans do?
  13. by   Jrnalist2RNinOR
    Dont beans have something to do with that giant beanstalk?