Police: Woman used rented gun in murder-suicide; actions appeared 'deliberate'

  1. the murder weapon was a gun rented from the shooting range, mcneil said. "we have found nothing to indicate they had [owned] any weapons," he said. the police report indicated they bought a membership there sunday.

    while family members indicated marie moore had a history of mental illness, mcneil said investigators still don't know any details about that.

    there are restrictions about gun ownership in some cases of mental incompetence, but that would not stop a person from renting a gun at a shooting range, mcneil said.

    mitchell moore died at the scene and his mother died a short time later at
    florida hospital altamonte.

    i'm not even close to anti-gun, but isn't renting them to people somewhat like teaching a person to fly a jumbo jet that has no desire to learn the take-off and landing portion of the task?

    i guess i'm anti gun rental then.
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