Passed NCLEX RN! Sharing prayers I prayed before and after the exam!

  1. I took the NCLEX RN last Jan 24th, stopped at 120. Found out I passed 48 hours later. It was a long and difficult journey for me since it was my 3rd time to take it and can't believe I finally passed. This time, I used UWORLD for 2 months and Saunders for reference only. Thanks to UWORLD for great and concise rationales. And of course, I GIVE ALL THE GLORY TO GOD! I believe It was mostly prayers that helped me pass. For GOD, nothing is impossible! So to all taking the NCLEX soon, I would like to share this link where I found 4 prayers which I prayed before and after the exams. (Prayer for Exam Success). I also prayed the MEMORARE during the exam, I think almost every 5-10 questions I would stop and just pray this prayer and truly helped me calm my nerves and stay focus. I hope this will be of great help to you all! Good luck to all who will be taking the NCLEX! Just remember, no fear, GOD is with you!
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