Otto Warmbier

  1. Are any other nurses really bothered and sad about Otto Warmbier's story? I mean really disturbed? There is something gut-wrenching about what happened to Otto. I'm not discussing politics or raising international debates here, but I'm talking about what happened to him as a human. I've had experience working with abused children and elderly. I've worked with women that have been subject to husband abuse...I've seen a lot of horrible things, but this, for some reason has wreaked havoc on every compassionate and empathetic fiber in my body. I've been there...done that, but this is different.
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  3. by   Elfriede
    The story of Otto Warmbier touches the heart of every feeling being.

    But it´s also a warning!
    Think about, where you´re going to.
    If you´re possibly not wellcome
    - as a person of ...
    - as a citizen of ...
    - as a nurse
    - as a ... what else ever
    think twice or more if you voluntary travel.
  4. by   Sour Lemon
    It's definitely a sad story, but how sad? ...I guess we'll never really know. Since the parents wouldn't allow an autopsy, it's unclear how he actually met his demise.
  5. by   kcochrane
    I lived in South Korea for 3 years. Wonderful people, so are those of North Korea. In fact many of them are related and separated after the was. Very sad. But the leader of North Korea is crazier than his dad. There is so much I could write on that place but not enough room. The story is so hard to even fathom.
  6. by   KatieMI
    This is a very sad story, but also a reminder to turn on common sense before jumping right up and on to follow your dreams, passions, wants and so forth.

    "Saving Private Ryan" was in the movie. Real life is not gonna going this way just because one wants it to.
  7. by   traumaRUs
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  8. by   nursej22
    Yes, this story bothers me, as does the idea of elders in an ECF dying from extreme heat, children left in cars, and 12 year old boys shot by police.