Other than AN and work, what do you like to do to pass time?

  1. I find myself on Facebook a lot.
    I'm a big Disney fan and have some boards I chat on with Disney friends.
    I've met friends from all over the world, some even in person. One is from Australia, she comes out at least once a year.
    I also like to hang out with my family, take our puppies for walks and play my guitar.
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  3. by   nursej22
    I like to work in my garden, go for walks with my dog Angus, and travel, when I can afford it and get the time off.
  4. by   Phil-on-a-bike
    I love to cycle!
    There's a national network of cycle tracks here in the UK so you can get plenty of miles in on traffic-free roads and green lanes. I'll happily do around 50 miles on a day ride, and at least once a year I like to take a weekend and do the Coast-to-Coast route across Northern England from West coast to East. (It's a small island)

    I'm a volunteer dog-walker at my local shelter.
    This is great fun, with the one reservation that many of the dog-walking volunteers are little old ladies - that means that if there's a 60kg 'problem case' in, guess who gets to walk him? That's right. Q: Name something pulled across the countryside by huskies? A: Phil.

    I wargame.
    Like to get my historical nerd-head on, find out exactly what colour habit-veste facings Napoleon's 16th Dragoons had in 1815, (a rather fetching rose pink, as it happens) painstakingly paint hundreds of 15mm-tall figures, then lead them to inglorious defeat on the tabletop.

    And I SCUBA dive. I've been Advanced Open Water qualified for maybe 20 years.
    We tend to go on family vacation to places I can get a dive in, so I've dived overseas from Indonesia to Iceland.
    I go for a full week's diving in Malta most years sans family, and between trips away I try and look cheerful about the choppy, frigid gloom of the North Sea.
  5. by   BCgradnurse
    I like to garden, read, and travel. I also really like to cook, but my style has been cramped by my low carb diet. In the summer I try to hit the beach as much as possible. I like to walk in the sand and listen to the waves.
  6. by   NurseCard
    I love to swim. I have an above ground pool and use it all of the time. If it
    were heated I'd keep it open all year.

    I like to plop down in front of the TV and channel surf. HGTV is my
    favorite go-to channel.

    I have young kids still, but not too young; they are 11 and 15. I truly
    enjoy hanging out with them, as well as my husband. Love family dinners
    out, day trips, vacations. Love going and watching their activities.

    I like going for long walks and listening to music as I walk.

    I like college football and basketball. Hard to believe I didn't mention
    that first. I'm not as rabid of a fan as I used to be.
  7. by   Spidey's mom
    Hiking and/or just walking. Gardening. Anything that gets me out of the house.

    Traveling to see my grandkids.


    Reading . . . but I need a new book. I have FB but I deactivate it occasionally for a few weeks at a time. Just did it today. Amazing how much time that frees up.
  8. by   Ted
    Amy and I like to hike. Depending on the shape we're in, we'll hike, steeper trails just to get to lovely vistas. During the late-spring, summer and fall months, I mow my lawn. It ain't something that I necessarily "LIKE" to do, but I regard it as a great way to exercise as well as have a nice-looking lawn.

    I also do photography and videography, and the editing involved with both hobbies.

    Lastly, but certainly not least, I enjoy composing music. It's a process, so I'm slow at it. But the end result. . . music. . . is wonderfully satisfying.
  9. by   toomuchbaloney
    We hunt, fish, care for dogs, mush, camp, hike, play the guitar, paint, fix old things, garden, move snow, play with the grandkids, volunteer for a couple causes, gather with like minded activists to plot the overthrow of the world (muwahahaha) and read in our free time.

    We stream movies or TV programming often in the evenings. We just finished season 2 of The Handmaid's Tale.
  10. by   NurseBlaq
    Read. I have about 2 or 3 different books I'm cycling between lately.

    I also crochet like sombody's grandma.

    Lately, I've been spending the majority of my time crafting and refinishing furniture because it's that time of year that I deep clean my house and redecorate before my children go back to school. Might as well put their muscles to work while they're home.
  11. by   topazann
    Quilting is my passion. I took a class over a year ago, and now that's all I want to do. I have made four beautiful lap-sized quilts (machine quilting https://flipboard.com/@maxgoodz/top-20-best-sewing-machine-for-quilting-review-2019-jqora4l ) and I am not ready for a bed-sized one!
  12. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    Read, walk, scratch my dog's ears, sleep, eat, and LAUGH!

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