Original Piano Composition - Videotaped

  1. Hello -

    This is a video of me playing an original piano composition. Actually, it is an exercise in using two video-cameras and editing the footage together. I recently dived into the world of high-definition videography. This is after spending the last several years video-taping in standard definition, and using only one camera. Well, now I have two relatively new (to me) videocameras and both of them shoot in high-definition. The video cameras used were Panasonic's AG-HPX170s. The editing program used was Apple's Final Cut Pro X. The piano composition, itself, was composed several years ago. It has no title. (It's been used as a sound-track for a couple of other video-taping projects done in past years.) No attention was paid to setting up special lighting. Rather, I wanted to see how the video cameras responded to low light levels. They did a pretty good job.

    I hope you enjoy the video. It is only an exercise but it was fun to do.

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  3. by   TopazLover
    To me it sounds like Sunday.

    Beautiful, I do like the video. Very talented.
  4. by   tntrn
    Very nice. Come play it on my 1923 Steinert 6 foot grand!
  5. by   Ted
    Quote from tntrn
    Very nice. Come play it on my 1923 Steinert 6 foot grand!
    I. Would. LOVE. To.!!!

    What a lovely instrument you have, tntrn. Any recording of you playing? Would love to hear them. My "Baby Grand" was made in China. Purchased it when it was on sale. The store was going out of business. It doesn't keep tune well. LOL! But it's fun to play.
  6. by   jennifer_app
    That is nice!! Good job.