My Boss Wants Me Microchipped!!

  1. Microchipping is a definite hot topic today. From articles in the New York Times to other social media outlets, microchipping of employees is controversial.

    So.....I come to my computer this morning to start my work at AN and check my email as usual. There is an email from my boss saying that she wants me to get a microchip implanted in my hand in order to track my productivity.

    Say what?????????

    To clarify, this is written tongue in cheek. However, is this the reality of the future? Are we moving from the world of nurse trackers to having microchips implanted in us? In 2011, AN had a viral thread about nurse tracking devices that were being embedded in a new hospital.

    This comment was voiced several times:

    Apr 6, '11 by ®Nurse, MSN, RN
    "The information will be stored on a computer, so workers can better monitor the frequency and duration of the visits."

    Really now......who are they trying to fool?
    And then there were some that were quite positive:

    Apr 7, '11 by eriksoln
    This tracking system is nothing new. I worked at a hospital about 2 years ago that had it in place. You wore a badge that turned on a light outside the room signifying you were present in said room. Then, at the nurses station, the computer showed where you were, and just as with the system described here, all the data on where you were and when was logged.

    At one point, it actually ended up helping me though. A pt. who was having post-op complications (lap choley) accussed me of avoiding him all night. His story was that I went in the room three times total (for only 2 minutes a clip) during a 12 hr. shift. My med passes alone put me in the room more than that. Well, they dug up the data from the tracking system and presented it to him and....................low and behold, he had nothing to add to it. Turns out I spent more time with him than any other patient. He changed his attitude.

    I don't mind they system. I see more positives than negatives:

    1. Nurses who never answer their own lights get busted finally.
    2. Nurses who sit at the station all day and night are exposed.
    3. People who disappear for hour and a half breaks have to go to great leangths not to be caught.
    4. Chronically late people no longer can claim to have been on the unit and to have forgotten to punch in.
    5. People who leave early, the ones who are gone before you even begin report..............can't do it anymore.
    6. If a CNA sits at the desk all night doing knows.

    The list is endless.
    Then two years ago, allnurses hosted another hot thread about nurse trackers and here is how one member approached the issue:

    Apr 6, '15 by ®Nurse, MSN, RN
    My facility paid to send me to the Hill-Rom headquarters and evaluate this tracking package under the guise of hand washing compliance.

    There are chips that can be embedded in the employee name badge which will deploy a signal when you are within a certain proximity of a hand washing station outside of a patient's room. It will track if you deployed the hand washing gel dispenser before, and after being in the patients room.
    This technology also has the capability of detecting your where-abouts.

    Interestingly enough, the sensors can be set to record how often you were in the room, length of time, and if it was in response to a call signal.

    The managers I was with were racking their brains on how this could be spun to the staff to make it appear as beneficial to them.

    The obvious answer is to state that you have a back up for proof when a patient states you were not in a room.

    If you only knew the reports that could be done on the back-end. Oh. My.

    Your manager can dial up a block of time specific to your badge and run a report to show specific sensitivities up to five minute blocks of time.

    This report can be run retrospectively and concurrently, which means, if you are to do hourly rounding, your tracker badge will show whether or not you are doing that.

    This is not Big Brother.

    This is Big Brother's Big Brother.

    I am not a manager, and have never been. I just happen to be one of those people who land in the right place at the right time.
    Is microchipping the next step? What information will be made available to our employers? Will this be mandatory or voluntary? For those employees who do not "volunteer" will they face repercussions? Will the chips be removable? Who will have access to the information? These are all questions that need to be answered before I roll up my sleeve.

    So....what is your opinion on this topic? Would you work for a hospital or institution that mandated this? What if your current place of employment decided to start implanting chips in staff now?


    Microchip Implants for Employees?
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  3. by   toomuchbaloney
    If I were not already retired, I would happily wear their tracking badge but would never agree to be micro chipped.

    They don't come close to paying enough for that crap.
  4. by   cardiacfreak
    Uhmmmm no way! Besides, who pays to have it removed, or what happens if you have to have a MRI, or you get an infection from the implant.

    The hospital I used to work at trialed a tracking device on two different units, the nurses would have the tracker attached to the scrub jacket and then leave the jacket at the nursing station. The employees who are not performing properly will always find a way around the system.
  5. by   RainMom
  6. by   BCgradnurse
    Nope...not gonna let them do it.
  7. by   BloomNurseRN
    I would absolutely never get a microchip implanted. No one needs to track me outside of my workplace and no one will convince that it wouldn't be possible.

    I wouldn't have a problem with a tracker on my badge that would link to computers in my hospital. I answer call lights, round in my patients properly, and don't sit around. I think a lot of people would have quite the wake up call if something like this were implemented in many health systems.
  8. by   Joe V
    I really wouldn't mind carrying one. But, it would need to be something that we can all use. That benefits EVERYONE.

    I would like to walk into my workplace and be greeted by Alice (the building AI).

    I would like Alice to tell me if my friends arrived. Heck, if my boss is on site.

    I would like Alice to tell me if my employees are in the conference meeting.

    I would like Alice to tell me if the bathroom is all clear.

    I would like Alice to start my coffee, just the way I like it when I arrive.

    So many possibilities....
    turn on the lights, turn on the computer, sync computer with my phone, laptop, etc
  9. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    Nuh-UH! Get away from ME! Run, Forrest, RUUUUUNNNNNNN!

    I'm very happy to be out of facilities and mostly retired. I'm glad I don't have to have an apoplectic fit about this one! I'd blow a gasket for sure.
    Soon, nurses will be wearing cameras equipped with recorders, a GPS and who knows what-all else.
    Happy to be a Crusty Old Bat from the Golden-Olden Days.
  10. by   azhiker96
    I wouldn't mind if my badge had a tracker in it but I won't undergo an invasive procedure.
  11. by   mercurysmom
    On the same subject, albeit obliquely...

    I am disabled and receive PCA care. In 2019 all PCAs and clients will be tracked, purportedly just while clocking in and clocking out. That part is absolutely fine with me, since the fiscal intermediary screws up the time sheets more than they get them right. By all means, please clock in and out on my home PC. However, Medicaid wants the PCAs to agree to GPS tracking via their personal cell phones. Nope. Nope nope nope. If I need my PCAs to agree to be tracked by Medicaid on their own phones (rather than MY phone or MY home PC) I'm going to have a hard time finding care providers. On top of that, I don't get cell reception in my house, so if they're going by cell phone GPS, no one will be providing care unless we leave the house!

    I'm all for accountability, and I think my PCAs will actually benefit because the billing won't be my word against the fiscal intermediary's. VNAs have tablets that are tracked for time and GPS. But to have a mandatory tracking app placed on someone's personal phone...or to go a heck of a lot further and have physically implantable tracking devices? That's overshooting the mark to say the least! Insane!

  12. by   Thunderwolf
    A microchip implanted into my own flesh?
    Not a chance. No way and No how.
    Too much like branding cows before the slaughter.

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