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Are you going to have more kids? I want one more, Hubby does not. Do you want more?? Give your reasons/thoughts on this, please.... Read More

  1. by   NurseShell
    Hubby's plumbing has been disconnected, but if one of the little buggers got through I'd be totally fine with it...what's one more? We have 3 of our own - 11, 9, 5 in 4 weeks plus he has a daughter from his first screwed up marriage - she's 18. If I got pregnant again (after school is over of course) I'd be thrilled!! Yes, I am crazy.
  2. by   deespoohbear
    originally posted by mkue
    their ages.. 13, 14 and 20. (boys)

    i'm looking forward to being a grandmother someday!

    three boys, cool!! that is what i have, but mine are a little closer together...14, 13, and 11.
  3. by   deespoohbear
    I will not lie, I would love to have one more child...a daughter. I love my boys to pieces, but I think it would be cool to have a girl also....My hubby and I have discussed adopting a girl but trying to get the money end of it lined up is something else. I would love to adopt a little girl from Vietnam...I don't know why I am so attracted to that country, but I am....
  4. by   Beach_RN
    Believe me Heather It was Horrible! I could not walk, sit, move... do anything... I had to eat lying down..... it was unbearable... it was a good 7-10 days of agony!
  5. by   jdomep
    If I wouldn't have had a hysterectomy I would have had more!
    DH agrees too... Though we know 4 is enough (I guess) - our guys are 7,5,4,& 2) I still have that "itch" ...I guess that's why I bought a puppy
  6. by   BeachNurse
    Hi there..I love kids! We have two boys ages 7 and 9. I began to want another about 3 years ago, but my husband was completely opposed. Last year he "came around" and we began trying for our third. Unfortunately I had a miscarriage last April but got pregnant again in July.

    We are now expecting a baby GIRL this April!! I am planning on a tubal since I will have a scheduled C-section. If money and time were no objects, I would *possibly* consider a 4th!! I'm crazy too..
  7. by   Love4Me
    My husband and I have 4 (all boys). They are 9, 8, 7, and 15 months. We had a girl who was stillborn at 20 weeks. I would love to have another (of course would like to have a girl). But there are no guarantees. I am not set in stone, but I think we are through.
  8. by   delirium
    Um, no. Mick and I once talked about adopting a child, but that sort of fell through... the money involved is phenomenal.

    So no kiddies in our future. We're a happy family of 6 if you count all the animals.
  9. by   NurseShell
    Ya know? I love the whole pregnancy thing so much that I've even thought (THOUGHT) about being a surrogate...however, I know myself too well and would NOT be able to "give" the baby away!!! No matter how much I hate being kept up all night for months at a time!!

    I have a sneaking suspicion that one day there maybe another baby, but not sure how that's gonna happen - sometimes I just "know" things - sound weird? I "knew" my youngest was on the way WAY before I should have been able to tell...that kind of thing...and I have one of those feelings about having another baby...we shall see...I don't mind one bit!
  10. by   JJFROG
    Where are all these boys coming from?
  11. by   karenG
    well I loved being pregnant- was going to aerobics until the week they were born!! I have 2 sons- aged 15 and 11. and they are enough. too old now for the sleepless nights, and I've started to be me again! so having fun!!!

  12. by   ayemmeff
    I've got 2 boys too,9 and 3!Almost all my friends had boys too,must be something we ate!
    Ummmm..........I'm still working on "cooking" this first one.............

    But eventually would like to have 3-4 (one adopted). But I guess we'll see how the rest of this pregnancy/labor/delivery goes before I come to any firm conclusions!