Monday February 5, 2007 - page 7

Good morning and happy Monday! :kiss I am still recovering after having worked a 16-hour double shift on Superbowl Sunday. My next plans include going to sleep, studying, attending classes at my... Read More

  1. by   dianah
    I'm back, and thanks Deb!! I hope you're able to get some good sleep tonight . . . every year that cough seems to hang on and on, with folks who've gotten sick.

    Oh, and (not to bask in Jnette's glory ) I love hearing about what you've done/are doing to your place! Gives me hope, it does! Enjoy!

    G'night!! --- D
  2. by   bethin
    Beth, did you have a celebratory party for the Colts' win??? I am happy for you and all the Colts fans, but bumming about da Bears.

    Not personally. The city had a parade on Monday and then everyone met at the dome where players talked. About 50,000 people showed up. If I hadn't been sick I would have gone.

    Sorry about da Bears. Truly, I am. I take it hard when my team loses. But Rex is young and so is Brian. Rex is still fairly new and I think Brian is the best defensive player in the league. Maybe next year we'll see you in Arizona.

    BTW, is the hottie Rex married? Cause if he isn't, I sure could use a date.
  3. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    lol....I guess I got caught peeping in last night.

    ....trying to study ..uggh!