Monday December 18, 2006

  1. Good morning!!!!

    Should be sleeping as I have to get up at 0730 to baby sit my sick nieces. I'm gonna dope 'em up on Nyquil - JUST JOKING!!! Would never do that.

    Still mulling over work issues. I had a pt that was dx with pneumonia but also has a hx of throat cancer. She had her light on and when I went in she was blue and croaked that she couldn't breathe. I slap o2 on her (she was on ra and doing fine) and use her phone to call the nurses station to get help. I check her sats and they were 75%. But since I'm an aide, there's the issue of scope of practice. I apologized to the nurse but explained that I couldn't watch her turn blue while I waited for a nurse or RT to show up. Who knows if I'll get written up or not. I don't really care - I did what I felt was right. I knew she had throat cancer and she was on o2 protocol.

    Think I'll eat and then hit the hay. Hope everyone has a great Monday!!:spin:
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  3. by   Grace Oz
    g'day bethin! thanks for starting the thread. sorry you had problems at work. hope it all turns out ok and you don't get written up. you helped a patient in need, so feel comfortable about that.

    it's monday night here. 8.30pm. i read on yesterday's thread whereby i almost got a middle of the night phone call from some 'rascals' "up/over!" not pointing any fingers -------> don! jnette!
    never fear about waking me up! the ole insomnia keeps me awake anyway! good thing you didn't call last night though, it was the first night in over two months that dh slept reasonably! he might have had something to say 'bout a middle of the night phone call! :d

    i had to chuckle about y'all talking about frogs and possums etc yesterday. we eat kangaroo here in australia! well, i don't! can't bring myself to eat our national symbol! but plenty of folks do!

    went shopping today and stocked up on the non-perishables for the holidays. considering the number of people out and about, it wasn't too bad. scored a carpark straight away, sailed up and down the aisles with ease, passed through the checkout with time to spare. my kind of shopping expedition!

    more bushfires here today! hardly a state in australia not experiencing bushfires. we've had firefighters from new zealand arrive to help out and there's talk of the americans coming to help too. our firefighters went "up/over" to help when california was ablaze a couple of years or so back . tasmania's on fire too!

    this poem by dorothea mackellar is my all time favourite ...........

    my country

    i love a sunburnt country,
    a land of sweeping plains,
    of rugged mountain ranges,
    of droughts and flooding rains.
    i love her far horizons,
    i love her jewel-sea,
    her beauty and her terror –
    the wide brown land for me!

    the stark white ring-barked forests,
    all tragic to the moon,
    the sapphire-misted mountains,
    the hot gold hush of noon,
    green tangle of the brushes
    where lithe lianas coil,
    and orchids deck the tree-tops,
    and ferns the warm dark soil.

    core of my heart, my country!
    her pitiless blue sky,
    when, sick at heart, around us
    we see the cattle die –
    but then the grey clouds gather,
    and we can bless again
    the drumming of an army,
    the steady soaking rain.

    core of my heart, my country!
    land of the rainbow gold,
    for flood and fire and famine
    she pays us back threefold.
    over the thirsty paddocks,
    watch, after many days,
    the filmy veil of greenness
    that thickens as we gaze.
    an opal-hearted country,
    a wilful, lavish land –
    all you who have not loved her,
    you will not understand –
    though earth holds many splendours,
    wherever i may die,
    i know to what brown country
    my homing thoughts will fly.

    yep, she's hot alright! our summer's can be very unforgiving!

    have a great monday everyone!

  4. by   RGN1
    Morning all!

    I think you did the right thing Bethin, we don't "write up" anyone here in the UK, there are other, more forgiving & better routes (IMHO) available should they be needed. In fact I'd be thanking you for your quick thinking in this instance!

    Wow you're feeling very patriotic Grace - nothing to do with those "Ashes" now is it??

    Sorry about all your bush fires - we have been seeing them on the news here - horrible!

    Well I'm off today & I'm contemplating whether or not I can booze the cake just one more time before glazing & putting on the marzipan. Just not sure if it will soak in in time for the marzipan to dry out enough to ice - ooohhh decisions, decisions!!

    Very happy today as my beloved soccer team, West Ham United, beat Manchester United last night - wonderful stuff!! We've had a very rocky season thus far, culminating in a change of manager this week but we went out & beat the top team in the league - YEAH!!!

    I hope everyone else enjoys their day - take care all of you xxxx
  5. by   sirI

    good morning ya'll

    ... very soon.....

    thanks for starting the good morning thread, bethy. quick thinking with your patient.. i hope all is o.k. regarding any repercussions.

    hi, rgn. congrats to your soccer team. and, don't indulge too much in the cake ........

    hello, gracie. beautiful poem. hard to imagine your summer and our winter at the same time. oh, it wasn't moi who tried to call. i learned my lesson -

    you all have a great monday.

    now? i need.........

  6. by   nursemary9

    Beth, Thanks for starting the thread. I would have been thankful for your help, actually.
    I hope you don't have any negative repercussions--you wouldn't if I was working with you.

    Grace, I have been seeing your fires on TV & they seem devastating!! Glad you had a good shopping trip yesterday; So happy to hear about DH's sleep!!

    RGN, Congrats on your team winning!!! My Chicago Bears Football team won yesterday also---------GO BEARS!!! It's even better for you what with beating the best team in the league!!!
    Our Bears BARELY won this game in Overtime!!
    By the way---I watch FOOTBALLERS WIVES on BBCA every week---WOW!!!
    I'm sure that's as exagerated as our moveies & TV shows here!!!

    Siri, Good Morning, POSSUM QUEEN!! :smilecoffeecup: An offering of some coffee!!! Have a NICE day!!!

    I had a busy nite at work--almost over now---got to run

    Mary Ann
  7. by   sirI
    hi, mary ann. good to see your smiling face today. hope you can get some good sleep later on. are you all finished shopping for christmas?

    thanks for the java's a cuppa for you......
  8. by   nursemary9
    I'm pretty much thru with shopping!! :icon_smile:

    I DO HATE SHOPPING!! I didn't really have much to buy, tho.

    I hate the crowds--I don't mind when I can go right straight from work, as there are relatively few people!!
    That's when I really LIKE the nite shift!!

    Mary Ann
  9. by   Tweety
    Good Morning! Bethin, anyone who has a problem with you putting on oxygen with a patient turning blue and an o2 sat of 75 is an egomaniac. I would be thanking you.

    I'm off today. I don't have many plans.
  10. by   compassion1
    Good morning folks.
    Thanks for starting us up Bethin. Now don't you get yourself sick nursing those little ones, OK? Not a nice thing just before Christmas.
    Hi Grace. Glad you had a easy shoping time. We've got a bunch of folk crowding the stores now. Lovely poem for all you down/under. I pray those fires get under control quickly.
    RGN1- Sounds like you've got a winning cake in progress. Sending any in our direction? Glad your team won for you.
    Good morning, Siri. Hope you day is sparkling. Don't get any ideas. Gotta leave those kangaroos alone. They're for Grace to eat or not. Ya gotta stick to you're possums, O Possum Queen.
    Mary Ann- Glad your night is almost done. Get home safe and get yourself some good sleep.
    I'm doing hospice visits today. Probably seeing 6-7 patients. Will try to BBL in the day. Everyone have a wonderful God-blessed day.
  11. by   compassion1
    Bethin, Just want you to know, I think you did exactly the right thing and if you get in trouble, it's just not right.
    Good morning Tweety. Have a good day off. Enjoy your laid back day.
  12. by   sirI
    me, too, mary ann. most people think i'm strange because i don't like to shop. if/when i do go shopping, it is directly to the store to pick up exactly what i need/want and then, go home. no lingering around window shopping.

    of course, this prevents me from spending too much money, too.

    i have to get a couple things for the grandsons. finished with the chister......finished with 3 kiddos and lack one for one dd.

    will decorate that tree today, too. looking good in the dining room for dh is finally getting the mountains all carved out and placed around the buildings. creating ponds......rivers.........snow covered mountains........of course, sheshe is sitting right smack dab in the middle of town.

    giant cat invades sleepy village of dickens!!!!!!
  13. by   sirI
    hi, tweety. how was your weekend working? are you finished with your shopping????? oh, how's the weather there? gonna rain here today. muggy and sticky warm......
  14. by   sirI
    don't worry, mar. wouldn't eat a roo......meat's tough - hahahahahhaha

    hope your visits come off without a hitch. come on back if you can.