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Some of you are aware of the fact that "DPlear" ("Dave") was planning to meet hubby and I this Saturday morning. Well.....sad to say......hubby vetoed the idea yesterday. :confused: For two... Read More

  1. by   live4today
    Oh delirium......:chuckle :chuckle :chuckle You are so funny! :kiss
  2. by   Q.
    I think your hubby is being prudent too Renee, but I firmly believe Dave is who he says he is. He has been on allnurses a very looonngg time.

    I'm not sure how MY husband would react; but then again, my husband "knows" Dave based on posts of his, esp r/t gun control.

    Dave, you can always come here to meet ME!
  3. by   delirium
    Susy! If he comes to visit you, save me some leftovers.

  4. by   Brownms46
    I think Dave is exactly who he says he is! I also have read his posts, and had he has offered me excellent advice on hospitals. And he was very helpful in other instances also. I have very good feelings about people, and I have met many people from off the "internet".

    I met my last SO on the net, and found a long time friend to boot!
    After two years...I wanted to continue to travel, and he didn' I ended the relationship. But we still remain friends, and talk to each other reguarly. If I hadn't meant him I would have missed out in meeting a wonderful person, and lost out on some great times together!

    Even though it scares most people...I always ask this. How much do you know about the man you give your number to in a club??? How much do you know about the co-worker you work with??? I have found out stuff about people I worked with that, is much more scarey than the people I have met on the net.

    In fact those I have met on the net, have become my best friends! I have met some duds...but never anyone out to harm me, or who didn't turn out to be nice people. Maybe some would just say I was lucky....and maybe so.

    I feel Dave needs to be given the benefit of the doubt here, and I feel your husband should have said something waaaaaay before now! If I were Dave I would be a little po'd right now! This is just my personal opinion here, and dosen't mean, you shouldn't do what you feel you must do.
  5. by   nursegoodguy
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    1 week from today.... (Post# 1)

    1 week from today i finally get to meet eh awesome person known as Renee...aka Cheerfuldoer...I am looking forward to meeting her and her husband Kevin...I will take pics and post them...

    Could this thread started by Dave have been any sweeter...
    What a great guy to have posted how excited he was to meet on of his allnurses siblings!
    I would love to meet you Dave!
    I've read so many of your posts Dave that you'd be welcome to meet me at the coffee shop, Dennys, or my home anytime!
    Now as for you ladies out there... Yes this is a double standard, I would just say if I were coming to meet any of you I would prefer if we met at Dennys just to make you feel a little more comfortable because you really don't know me... you know what I have said in my posts and this avatar that could or could not be me? (If I was going to lie about it I'd have chosen a better looking guy!) And you know that I've alledged to being gay... maybe I'm really straight? Yeah right, okay guys maybe you better meet me at Dennys for your comfort LOL
    Renee, I'm sorry that hubby just flew off... I'm sure he has your best interest at heart, and hey, you are one hot mama in your avatar! Hubby is probably a little jealous too... Too bad he didn't make an effort to remedy the situation and say, meet at Dennys? As far as the cell phone goes I had mine sitting on the desk last night and a patient handed it to me and when I picked it up a friend said who was that? The patient hit the right button and it dialed my friend! Gotta start keeping that thing in my pocket!
    Maybe you could talk to hubby and arrange to meet for coffee after all?
  6. by   delirium
    I am glad to see Dave getting some public support from those who know him better than I.

    I also don't think Renee's intention was to paint him as the skulking man in the long black coat ready to do something heinous to her or her family, or to do any sort of character assassination.
  7. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I have met people in person after chatting online and it went VERY well. Matter of fact, I have a best friend now in it. I agree, tho, the first meeting should be in a PUBLIC and SAFE place.....and if your dh were involved, I cannot fathom why he has such a problem w/it. Perhaps not in MY home the first time, but in a nice restaurant, why not?

    I have plenty of opposite sex friends. I agree w/nursegoodguy, there is a double standard at play here, perhaps. But, when it comes down to it, Renee, it's up to you. I know you don't want discord w/dh, so you have to do what you feel is best for your family and marriage.....I would not DARE try to advise what that would be. But I wish you much good luck.
  8. by   delirium
    Hey Giuseppe... I'd love to meet you, but Denny's ain't my bag, baby. Got food poisoning from there once.
  9. by   live4today
    Thanks Brownie, Guiseppe, and Deb for your very thought provoking responses. I have NEVER in my life met someone online in bear with me, please, this is soooo new to me.

    I so much wanted to meet Dave as I, too, believed him to be sincere all this time.....otherwise, I would NOT have accepted his invitation to meet me, nor would I have given him my home phone number.

    I was......still am.....somewhat peeved at my hubby for taking this sudden change of attitude after I've been so forthright with him in meeting Dave.....not alone.....not just me......but hubby and I together. He knows that I am still peeved about it, but we never go to bed angry with each other, so I had to swallow my feelings and kiss him goodnight anyway. That's our belief....sooooo...that's what we do in our and not hold grudges. But.....I am entitled to my feelings he is entitled to his feelings.

    Guiseppe......I remember that thread Dave started. As a matter of fact......I read it to my hubby. Again......hubby had the chance to say "NO WAY"....but did he??? NO!!! think hubby's jealous, eh? Hmmmmm....I find that a little childish, and always thought my hubby was a jealous man when it came to other men but he swears to me he doesn't have a jeolous bone in his body. Me think he's trying to hide it then. :chuckle

    DAVE.......PLEASE don't be upset with me for being so naive that I felt the need to run to our allnurses siblings here with this for help. I really want to know what's going on because I have NEVER before met anyone on the net, and would probably feel as hubby does about it if he were to tell me he wanted me to meet some female he had met on the net. ACTUALLY......He KNOWS I would NEVER allow that. I guess I'm starting to see his thinking here. Hmmmmm....

    There's one thing that you all should come to understand about Renee........being a Sagittarian......I wear my feelings on my sleeve. I am as easily read as a kindergarten textbook because of this. Can't hide anything.....can't even tell a lie without someone saying "You don't lie well, Renee".....hubby says that to me ALL the time. I've grown up being told this about when I share things here.......I'm NOT the kind of personality that can THINK "silently".....hubby can vouch for this.....a skill I NEED learn, I know...I know.....but haven't yet. So....if anyone is feeling sorry for Dave about now.......I feel sorry for Dave to, and this post is NOT intended to :imbar him.....or flame him.......but to help others.....LIKE with issues of this nature......what to do when someone online seems sincere enough to meet........and Dave is the first MAN who offered to come meet I'm trying to gain some much needed education on this thread about this whole online meeting people thing. I'm no young sprout, so this is very very NEW to me. Please try to be "sensitive" to me while I learn from all of you experts. Okay? Thanks! :kiss
  10. by   nursegoodguy
    I know exactly where to take you... the coffee shop and then afterwards to a poetry reading, (lots of family members there) I bet you'd love it!
    First though I need to show you my real self... Yes, it is time to fess up and be truthful... I got that avatar pic from a pic frame i bought at the dollar store, (that's why the pic aint so cute) but here's the real me!

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  11. by   Brownms46
  12. by   live4today
    Giuseppe.....if you showed up looking like that, I think I'd have a heart attack on the spot. :chuckle

    Now stop scaring me! I need some real help with this! :chuckle

    I love you Giuseppe, and I still want us to meet one day. :kiss

    Hubby is soooooo right.......and sooooooo stubborn......I'm all confused over this whole thing. I am embarrassed over it because for weeks I've been preparing to meet a great guy and thought hubby would too. WHY didn't hubby tell me he was opposed to this?

    Would on board here......have told your wives upfront that you would be opposed to this, or would you have hesitated like my hubby did......for weeks.......until a couple days before it was to happen...then spring your feelings on her??? Now...that was NOT fair of him to do me that way!

    I'm more peeved at hubby which is why I really needed to vent here on this thread. I do NOT like treating people badly....whether I know them or not. Gosh......I feel so bad about all this. I told my hubby that his behavior about this came as a TOTAL SHOCK to me! You girlfriends always have told me my hubby was jealous of anyone seeking attention from me which is why they try not to come over when he's home. I didn't want to believe them because he kept telling me he wasn't the "jealous type". who is lying?
  13. by   Love-A-Nurse
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