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Yippee. I haven't worked much this past week, being sick, but I'm still glad it's the weekend. There's just been too much drama for this Mama. My son and his girlfriend have been a huge headache.... Read More

  1. by   Liddle Noodnik
    Morning you beautiful creatures! My visitation was canceled this am, so I am stuck here on the computer lol ... got tons of housework to do. And need to rearrange furniture because the couch is blocking the heat from circulating (I keep it facing the sliding door in the warmer months.) Maybe exercise (ROFL!!) Work this afternoon - I can go in early and make up some time, or go in later as scheduled. Hmm, rainy sleepy day, what do you think (giggle)

    Quote from DutchgirlRN
    Love the critters! and I'm sorry about the drama - I can only imagine. My son has only had one relationship before this one, so I don't know how he'll do - hopefully better than his dad and I, sigh.. {{{{{{{{Dutchgirl}}}}]]]

    Cute pix!

    Quote from jnette
    Ex MIL passed away on Tues.. the very night I had written about her condition.
    Love and prayers for the dh and family, wow. You guys barely had time to breathe after Muttie... Were you close w/ her? {{{{{{{{{{{{{J'nette and dh and all}}}}}}}

    Quote from nursemary9
    pt's may be in isolation.

    Most are MRSA & C-Difff.
    But we sometimes have others!!
    We are having outbreaks in our area now, non-hospitalized people ... everyone is terrified because of the "sometimes fatal" (as is emphasized on the news) supergerms. Wash your hands wash your hands, don't touch your eyes or pick your nose til after... (ok, teasing about the last one)

    Didn't I read a few years ago that most health care professionals, if you swabbed their nasal passages, would come up + for MRSA? I wouldn't be surprised.

    I remember like 5 out of 20 pts being on precautions back in 03, sounds like it is much much worse now...

    Quote from agent66
    The good news is I go back to work a week from tomorrow, can hardly wait, who would have thought I would ever say that.
    No more play dates with the Muffiers then lol
  2. by   Spidey's mom
    jnette - :icon_hug:

    Good morning all . . I too couldn't sleep past 6 a.m. Weird. So got up, made coffee and read my paper. Today is ds's last soccer game and I get to go!

    My daughter actually had more drama regarding dating than my older boys ever did. Her former boyfriend showed up here with a garbage filled with all the presents she had ever given him and dumped them in the street. There are many other stories - suffice it to say it is not fun.

    I too wish everyone a good weekend. Working or not -

  3. by   sirI
    Hope you are feeling better today, Dutchy.

    jnette, my sincere sympathy on the passing of your ex-MIL.
  4. by   Sabby_NC
    Finally get a chance to post a good morning to you all,

    Hope you are all doing as best you can today.
    Netters so sorry to read of your Ex MIL but what a relief to know she is not going to suffer through that horrid disease anymore.
    Dutch I hope and pray for a peaceful resolution in your DS and his girlfriend predicament. Hmmmm times like this I look at my dog and thank her for being my only 'child'. I could not have babies but do have two step adult kids 24 and 28 and I love them as my own.
    Hang in there hon and pray your son sees commonsense.
    Love to you all this beautiful sunny Saturday.

    Am feeling a taddy off today.. Hmmmmm don't like not feeling up to par LOL >>>
  5. by   zuzi
    Hi all! Just wake-up, cofeeeeeeeeeeee, yummmmmmmm!
    So wakeup smiling is a good sign, Zuzi again Zuzi all in all! Was a beautiful wonderful night, party party party on a private club! OMG was SUPER! Halloween party! I didn't believed that my mood could be so high with only a party, but what a party.......looooool. Many happy people with so nice costumes, happy songs, and DAAAAAAAAAANCE. What else more for Zuzi could be than dance and songs! Few latino songs, but ok, as soon as they ran. DJ instead sucks...I saw many others very good ohhhh I forgot to tell you on my youngest times in the "civil war time".......looooooool

    Friends closed to Zuzi heart, perfect couples (for real), my Big Sister best of all, looooooool, drinks ok (only in, coffe so, so, grill...PERFECT. Zuzi happy, happy, happy! Need a membership at this club...loooool!

    Today a friend visit, DD - cheers leader need to go, phones with my heart loved friends for sure, spend my time free and happy, I love this country is from my heart and soul.
    Hope you too all have a nice wonderful Saturday and don't forget stay happy, be happy, make happiness around, enjoy! HUUUUUUUGS!
  6. by   psychonurse
    Happy Saturday to you all.....
    It is 8:35am where I am right now, with a 14 week old & 2 1/2 year old puppies, you don't get to sleep in very long...if I get to sleep in until 7 am on my days off, that is lucky. They got up early and one of them got into a bag that was on the floor of one of the room that I THOUGHT was closed. When I got up I heard my oldest licking something in a chocolate bar to be a little more careful making sure that my doors are closed. Did you know that light chocolate is like meth to dogs...Once they start eating it they have to have more......well Maxie hadn't had any for a while so I guess it is okay.

    We just started working 12 hour shifts and I love them.....I usually have at least 3 days off a week and sometimes if I work it right I can have up to 5 days off at a time....I love having some home time...

    To all that have written before, I hope that things start to get better in your life.
    jnette- so sorry to hear of your mil passing...she is in a better place and she doesn't have to suffer anymore....
    Dutch- I hope that things resolve in your teens life...I hated that part of my life...

    Well I need to get ready soon for a Christmas card class....I will be 10 more cards ahead so that I will have them ready for the Christmas card list....

    Have to go back to work Sunday, but probably will only have to work part of the day Monday to attend one of the girls that I worked with funerals. but that is in another post...

    Have a wonderful weekend, all that comes after me.....

  7. by   muffie
    hello nursey types

    rainy cold ottawa...icky

    out and about and back home again

    out for a potluck with a welcome to the 40 clubber gf's dh

    and so shall i surf
  8. by   muffie
    condolences netters
  9. by   RainDreamer
    Good morning!

    I don't know why I'm up so early on a Saturday either, been up for over an hour now ..... crazy!

    Still trying to wake up. Maybe do some shopping later today. I hope you're all enjoying the day
  10. by   zuzi
    Huggy, hugs for birthday girls from today (try to give you a phone call) need to go togheter to the club to party, looooool! Present that you want , huuuuugs! Muaaaaaaaah!
  11. by   suzy253
    Happy rainy Saturday!!
    Worked last night 3-11--didn't get out until very late and have to go back in today and tomorrow so I'm still trying to shake the cobwebs out of my head.

    Sorry to hear about your ex MIL, Netters.

    Hope you feel better Dutchie

    Warm hugs to all!
  12. by   pickledpepperRN
    At my hospital we achieved four or fewer patients for a nurse assigned an isolation patient. It took 12 years of documentation, meetings, and waiting. Now they want to assign the same nurse to 4 patients in isolation. But when we started ot could be ten.
    They just won't provide extra staff for the acuity of patients so chemo and isolation are 1:3, Vents on tele are 1:3.

    Gotta share this!
    Queen & Luciano Pavarotti!
  13. by   muffie
    TRIED a wee afternoon nap but a young un out back of us was rock n rolling with his electric base guitar....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr