It's hunting season, and the prey? Democrats and "terrorists".

  1. broward republicans go gunning.

    hallandale beach - armed with handguns and ak-47 and ar-15 assault rifles, the members of the southeast broward republican club abandoned the usual community center for their club meeting this week, and gathered at a gun range where they fired bullets instead of political bombshells.
    one of the shooters at the tuesday evening event was robert lowry, a republican candidate hoping to unseat u.s. rep. debbie wasserman schultz, d-weston. lowry's target had the letters "dws" next to the silhouette head.

    lowry said he didn't know who wrote wasserman schultz' initials on his target, but said he knew they were there before he started shooting. he initially described it as a "joke," but after answering several questions he said it "was a mistake" to use a target labeled "dws."

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  3. by   SharonH, RN
    Oh what fun! Those guys are so zany....