Is ADD / ADHD Real?

  1. In your opinion - is ADD / ADHD real - why or why not? Also, what are the leading resources in support (or against) these diagnoses?

    We had a discussion in class and I seem to be in the minority. While I believe that there are children with treatable issues, I think that the majority of the kids labeled with ADD or ADHD would be better served with discipline, physical activity to the point of feeling tired (i.e. soccer, jump rope or even just running) and getting off the meds. I think the meds are an excuse for children to continue bad behavior and parents to excuse it. Again, this is extremely generalized and I believe that there are children that do need medicines and assistance. Because of my strong and uneducated opinion, I want to do research to become informed. Like many things - certain websites look like the "authority" when in fact they are not. I want to use resources that teach truth instead of slanting one way or the other when doing further research.

    ** while I wrote this with children in mind, I'd love opinions on adults as well - my daughter who just turned 20 thinks that she has ADD. I may need to apologize to her for my eye-roll when all is said and done.

    Thanks for your opinions and direction!
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  3. by   heron
    Is ADHD real? Absolutely. Has it become a throwaway diagnosis, used to cover a multitude of sins with heavy medication? Also, absolutely. The same thing happened with alzheimer's, fibromyalgia, bipolar, pstd ... the list goes on and on. Patients and families desparately searching for answers and rushed, overworked practitioners trying to get through their day have taken a valid diagnosis and turned it into a fad. No bueno!
  4. by   hurricanekat
    In the past couple of hours I have found research that says it is genetic and causes a thinning of the cortial region detectable by MRI. If we were to add these criteria to the established diagnostic criteria maybe we wouldn't have so many children needlessly medicated.
    I also just found an article that states that not eating is a side effect of some of the medications and to give your kid pizza and fruit for breakfast instead. While I don't have a problem with giving kids pizza and fruit for breakfast - it does cover all the food groups - I just hate the idea of a child not eating because its medicated. What else is that medication doing??
    I also don't believe fibromyalgia exists but that's another ball of wax.
    Thanks for your reply!!
  5. by   amoLucia
    Some years ago way back when, the 'hot' diagnosis was 'Type A and Type B' personalities. I mean, the literature was hot & heavy with discussion.

    As time and medical diagnostic sophistication evolved, I began to wonder if maybe there was some connection between the Type As and kids with ADD/ADHD. Like were the adults maybe really unknown, undiagnosed ADD/ADHD kids? I figured time & research study would bear things out one way or other.

    I admit that I've never delved into studying these diagnoses. I have this deep down, 'hunch' that perhaps the diagnosis ADD/ADHD has been over-utilized as a 'catch-all, popular label to hang on a kid when all else fails the parent (or PMP) to manage. Almost like a Munchausen-type 'badge' for a kid to wear that would diminish the blame for a 'bad' kid or 'poor parenting'.

    Chronic fatigue syndrome is also one of those weird diagnoses. Don't get me started on all the validating S&S.

    Maybe all we need to do is get everyone to give up sugar, white bread and test for allergens!
  6. by   FranEMTnurse
    My granddaughter has it, and so does her father. So yes, it is both real and genetic.
  7. by   Amethya2018
    I do believe is real because I have it and struggle with it since I was a kid. It has made my life hard but I have worked around it and gotten better with it.
  8. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    I had Hyper-Attention Disorder, soaked in it, aware with every cell in my brain, extremely self-conscious, it was horrible.
  9. by   Crystal-Wings
    Yes, because I have it. I was diagnosed as a child. It (ADHD) and being on the autism spectrum hasn't made my life easy.

    I definitely think it's something that gets over diagnosed though and a lot of doctors are all to willing to just write a prescription for medication. I've been very fortunate to have had the same psychiatrist that diagnosed me as a 10 year old still be my doctor 20 years later.
  10. by   cmefford
    Yes, I believe that it is real....although extremely misdiagnosed!!! My son has it (both sides of his family have numerous people that have been diagnosed with it.)

    That being said, I work in an elementary school and there are MANY children diagnosed with it, who could just use a little partnering and some consequences in life, and I am positive that diagnosis would disappear!!
  11. by   NoahButler45
    I think everyone has this to a degree. Might not necessarily be an unusual diagnosis. Just normal aspect of personality.

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