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We've been very lucky, have been trying for a mere 4 months! By my calculations I'm due Feb 9th. Well thought I would share our good news! :kiss... Read More

  1. by   KaraLea

    :kiss :hatparty:
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  3. by   kids
    When I read the title of the thread my first thought was ...I hope not right now

    Very cool.


  4. by   kaycee
    :d great news!!! congratulations and best wishes!
  5. by   RNforLongTime
    Congratulations Misti!
  6. by   dianah
    What a thrill!! The ride of your life, for the next 18+ years!!
    Congrats!!!! -- Diana
  7. by   PJRNC2
    WOW!! Wonderful Oh Wonderful!! Do you want to know if the baby is a boy or girl or are you going to wait? Keep us updated.
  8. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Congrats to you...H and H 9 mo and beyond. Enjoy this special time!
  9. by   NRSKarenRN
    Misti Z:

    Congrats---wishing you health, happiness and minimal dry heaves! Winter babies easier than summer time at 9 months, IMO!

    P. S.: My 'baby' is graduating from Eighth Grade this week. He looks like a young man now. Daily kisses have stopped and I'm now oblivious in his life. On to another cycle with TWO teen age boys. Know things are going well as Oldest 16 1/2 choked up with thought that bro is graduating too!
  10. by   semstr
    congrats and wishing you a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby!

    Take of yourself(s), Renee
  11. by   misti_z
    Thanks everyone!!

    I've been having some problems with bleeding though. Went to the ER Saturday morning, they drew a Beta HCG....it was only 19. So either we are a lot earlier than we thought or I have in fact had a miscarriage. For a non pregnant female HCG is 0-6 and at 10-12 wks OB the level should be 5000-200000, and mine is 19 at what we thought was 5 wks OB!!!! I bled for about 24 hrs, used about 5 pads and it stopped and hasn't started again. I went to my OB today and they drew another HCG. My doc says it is too earlier to see anything on ultrasound at this point. I'm calling the office tomorrow to see what my level is, if it is higher I go again Thursday for another level to be drawn.

    We really want this baby........
  12. by   shay
    Oh, God, honey....I hope everything's okay. Praying for you here....
    You're in my thoughts Misti. Please keep us informed, we're all here for you.