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Hello, I work as a Post Pay review nurse for a company and am on the Behavioral Health team. Our Nurse Reviewers have a new scoreboard for daily updates and we are looking for a team name. For... Read More

  1. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    Wonder if a team name has been chosen and what it might be? Of course, if the team name decided upon were to be revealed here, there might be an issue similar to the curtain of anonymity being drawn back to reveal the true identity of Thomlis, as a Wizard, 'n' we wouldn't want that. Ooooh well.

    "Oh, we'll never see the wizard
    the anonymous wizard of ____" (... pause ...)

    We now pause for this message from our sponstors and sponstourettes...

    (Tourrette's? UH-oh, we're bound to get into trouble with TOS now!)