I am so weak!

  1. I heard the phone ringing and almost fell trying to get to it...I was in the basement folding laundry. I foolishly thought it might be my husband calling. Well, I picked it up and it was work! I can't say no....So, I am going in for a few hours. 1500 to 1900..Just 4 hours but usually when I agree to cover 4 hours it turns into 8! I am going to try and stand my ground and be brave when they ask me to stay until 2300...NO-NO-NO!! I won't do it! NO-NO-NO!!!! I need to look at the caller ID before I pick up the phone!
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  3. by   CHATSDALE
    learn to say NO they will survive

    and really they will not think a thing about it, i have had to call for someone to come in and if they could not they said no and i went to next one on the list
  4. by   muffie

    oh for gosh sakes nurseypoo !
  5. by   MLF
    Nurseypoo: I ALWAYS check caller id. (LOL) I hate answering the phone, anyway, and would prefer to let it ring off the hook then answer it.
  6. by   Tweety
    Be strong!!! So no to 8 hours. I love working four hours extra...piece of cake, but 8, no way!
  7. by   NurseyPoo
    Well, I made it...Pheww! I swiped in at 1433 and swiped out at 1958. I ran out of there as fast as I could. There were 2 admissions coming from the ER (Trauma and GI bleed), and a Rapid Response was called for someone in VT. BYE...See ya'...RUN!!! I was able to get out before the charge nurse realized I was still there, and would to ask me to stay. The Unit Clerk was making the phone calls so I finished report and Hi-Tailed it outta there. So I was able to get 5 hours OT without feeling stressed. Whoo-Hoo!

    Now I can relax and watch some TV with the mutts...I told my husband to call my cell phone instead of the house phone.
  8. by   muffie
    is your OT fun money ?

    if so , whachya gonna buy ?
  9. by   NurseyPoo
    A make over...My hair is currently showing a color I do not like...ROOTS!!! and a pedicure! My feet are tired, sore and kind of gnarly...they have been in hiding since October...I should probably save it or put it towards my retirement or pay something off...NAH! I need my hair and feet fixed up
  10. by   muffie
    i vote for hair and feet

    i do both at least once a month

    self-love is a good thing !
  11. by   NurseyPoo
    Quote from muffie
    i vote for hair and feet

    i do both at least once a month

    self-love is a good thing !
    Prior to becoming a nurse I would get my feet done once a month and my hair was done every 6 weeks. A good friend owns a salon and we would just put me on her schedule everytime I went in...Now, I never know what is going on...OT rules my life most months so I play it by ear now. Although I did scare myself when I looked in the mirror this morning...AHHHHH! I purchased some Feria and will attempt to to it myself tomorrow. My husband told me that I should stick to what I know...Kind of like a cardiologist does not treat a dog so, I should not dye my own hair. He has so much faith in me...
  12. by   muffie
    go to the salon poo !
  13. by   NurseyPoo
    Poo! LOL! Makes me think of work...
  14. by   muffie
    i like nicknames

    meant only with the best of intentions