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  1. Hey there,
    Darren and I are in the process of remodeling our home....inside and out. It's a three bedroom, two bath raised ranch that I actually used to live in between the ages of 8 and 12. Anyway, over the past 15+ years it's taken a little abuse due to being a rental property. We are in the planning stages of totally remodeling the kithen, including new cabinets, new appliances, and relocated electrical outlets. We also are planning on getting siding on the house in the next few months. The livingroom has fresh paint, so one of the rooms is well on its way to completing its "transformation". It's very frustrating at times, but I know we'll be incredibly proud of ourselves when it's all done.

    I know I can't be the only insane person to ever take on this kind of project. So please, share with us your stories so that we don't think we're complete and utter fools for doing this!!!!!

    Any ideas and words of wisdom would also be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,
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  3. by   pkmom
    We've never remodeled a house, but the last house we lived in had been remodelled a few times the wrong way. Be sure to hire certified professionals so your house doesn't try to collapse on you, and so your ac won't shut off every time you run the dryer or a microwave and blender at the same time. I'm glad we sold that place!

    Good luck, it sounds like fun if it doesn't drive you crazy!
  4. by   Jenny P
    In our old house, we put a bedroom and bathroom in the basement and changed the kitchen countertop and sink, replaced all of the windows with triple glazed windows, took out the stove and put in a cooktop and a wall oven, and put the frig up on a shelf in the pantry (it was a small house and a small frig-- no room for kids and normal sized frig there).
    In our current house, we've upgraded the electricity (except for some quirky low voltage stuff in our bedroom), replaced half of the windows with low E triple glazed windows, took out and replaced a brick paver patio, took out a door to the family room and enlarged the bathroom in there (put in a shower with a seat in it), finished off a bedroom and bathroom in the basement, and are currently planning to change all 3 of the exterior doors because they don't keep the cold out. Luckily, we have found a handy man in these last 5 years who is able to do some of these crazy ideas I come up with since neither my husband nor I are able to do it all anymore.
    It used to be that I never started a remodelling job unless I was mad at my husband-- it was so easy to demolish things when I was mad. And he always knew he'd really blown it when he came home and a wall was missing or something! LOL!! Now he never screws up like he used to, so we talk and talk and talk over any remodelling we do!
    Good luck in your remodelling... I hope you and Darren have many happy years of remodelling ahead of you!
  5. by   Dplear
    Lets see remodeling...

    I am currently in the process of getting new granite countertops for my kitchen. I had them measured and cut and will install them myself. I also have a built in desk in the kitchen that I am resurfacing in mahogany. I took out 2 cabinet door center panels and replaced them with glass. Then put in low intensity fiber optic lighting in the cabinet with lights that will shine down on the countertops. (thankfully my counter tops are all straight now angles)

    I have repainted every room in the house. taken down the wall papre in the kitchen and bathroom and painted those rooms. ( I hate wall paper for the most part). Block panleed my office using finished grade plywood and fininshing boards. Put up crown moulding in the formal living room and formal dining room. Replaced countless light fixtures and plugs to match the wall color (pure white). I will also soon be placing hard wood floors in the formal rooms and lay tile in the bathrooms (they are carpeted?!)

    I also just finished putting my surround sound system in the walls. I put the speakers in the walls and wired the jacks for the speakers into the wall behind the tv system and ran the wires between the walls.

    This spring my wife wants me to replace the bushes out front with floor beds....god help me