Here comes the War....

  1. Hello Everyone,
    Well as anyone who reads these discussions knows, I have advocated that we should not be invading a country (Iraq) without UN mandate and the backing of world opinion..... I think I should have added the reason of clear cut evidence.
    If you follow the link below you`ll find a BBC News story about how the Turkish police have seized a Taxi found to be transporting 15kgs of weapons grade uranium through thier country..... it was found near the Syrian border and is speculated to be destined for Iraq.
    While it does'nt constitute absolute evidence, but its bloody close... it goes without saying that whoever this uranium was destined for HAS to be stopped, not matter what other issues are on the agenda (oil....etc.).....
    The only thing I would add though is what happened to the scourge of humanity Osama Bin Laden.... you barely hear his name these day`s its all Saddam Hussein...... he did`nt bomb the WTC.... but he sure as hell has in the last few months become world enemy number one????

    The link to the story is:

    regards Stuart
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  3. by   prn nurse
    are you sure this isn't just another government ploy to manipulate public opinion???

    it would certainly scare the crap out of everyone.... raise their ANXIETY LEVELS !! omg uRANIUM 90 MILES FROM SADDAM HUSSEIN ??

    (Anyone remember how george the 1st used to say SA DAMN in his slow deliberate texas drawl?? )

    and of course, bush & cheney are obsessed with
    taking control of the IRAQ oil fields...

    As soon as we take control of Iraq, we take control
    of their oil fields................ well bush & Co. takes control.

    I guess a turkish truck driving down the road with 30 #'s of uranium in it......and a ""hot tip"" to the U.S. "inspectors" and we seize it...........would certainly sway all these folks who don't want to spend thanksgiving & xmas watching their soldier sons being buried....well, maybe a little uranium will scare them into making the "sacrifice."

    Funny how no uranium has been found in a truck there in 80 years, but this week,...... BINGO !!

    The same week George II said in a speech that "that man tried to kill my dad !"

    I'm gonna go have a stack of pancakes and lotsa maple syrup and hot chocolate and give this latest "threat" time to ""cool down""............................................ .....
  4. by   kmchugh
    Well, here we are again. Someone posts a thread, and immediately, our resident conspiracy theorist, racist, and all around fruitcake, prn, jumps in with anti-government rhetoric. How completely unsuprising. Except, I'd think after watching her get chased out of three or four other threads with her tail between her legs, drooling, mumbling "I won" she'd figure out I'd be listening. OK, genius. How did that dumb Texan manage to get this story planted in the Turkish press? Or how, considering how dumb you keep making him out to be, did he manipulate the European press into carrying the story forward?

    I'm just curious. Do the three active cells on the left side of your brain have any idea what the two active cells on the right side are up to? Tell you what. You let me know when you not only have the courage to spew without any real knowledge, but when you have the courage to finish a debate, huh?

    Kevin McHugh
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  5. by   StuPer
    Hi Kevin,
    I just thought I`d add to your comments by pointing out that prn obviously did`nt follow the link and actually read and read the story.
    The Uranium was not in a truck, it was concealed in a lead container under the seats of a taxi. Further if you know anything about travelling around the middle east you`ll know that taxi`s often substitute as buses. They are very common, and for the Turkish police to catch this particular cab is very good work. however they obtained the information, does Prn really think anyone in their right mind would deliberately let 15kgs of weapons grade Uranium get within 90miles of Iraq.... the risk of something going wrong would automatically exclude such an operation. Further in the TV report I saw, the words West Germany were written on the sides of the bar.... if that is the case (and indicates manufacturer), does`nt that raise the spectre of a link between the Uranium and the fact that many of the 9/11 terrorists were based in Germany.
    regards Stuart
  6. by   fergus51
    Kevin, the threads are a lot nicer to read when it isn't all insults and rudeness. Even if you think people are complete idiots, that's no reason to take a thread to the lowest level of debate which involves name calling. I am not trying to be an a$$, but it has to be said, especially when Brian has had to close threads for degenerating to name calling.
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  7. by   fergus51
    By the way, shouldn't we also be concerned about where the uranium came from as well as where it was going?
  8. by   prn nurse
    Yeah Chug !

    You know you gotta be right !

    I didn't read the link Stu. It was on the radio here & I was driving down the boulevard in my auto & heard it on the news.

    And the local news described it as a truck. " a small truck".....

    I didn"t think for a minute it was a "planted story."

    I think those guys really discovered "something".....was it uranium?

    I think it was "planted uranium"....Maybe it was "planted lead/aluminum/tin"... who knows?..... when it was "discovered by a so called ""hot tip"" and certainly no one ("unofficial") is going to "open it up & inspect it"....
    it's a very easy to create story for the media...

    The real question is: How many minds did it "Is is time to attack Iraq?" The Sunday news reports the Dems are not gung-ho & NOT with George ON "attacking".

    Did it scare you & your neighbors into thinking "we'd better HURRY & attack Iraq before they bomb us?" They don't even have a missile that travels more than 600 miles according to our news, so do anyone really think theyre gonna bomb the US next month?

    If the "uranium report" didn't alter your opinion re attacking, do you think it changed other opinions?

    My favorite news video is Georg II on the television...hawking..."" Saddam Hussein HAS biological AND chemical weapons to unleash RIGHT NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!""

    No SH*T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DUH !! Guess so Georgie....WE GAVE
    them to IRAQ to use against Iran.
  9. by   prn nurse
    Chug oughta be able to express an opinion on where it came from & where he thinks it was headed...

    but , he will probably wait for the "official" report........if there ever is one.

    cause, he don't wanta risk exposing himself to being "wrong............"...

    by giving an opinion

    ....gotta wait 'til he can find it on "the web."
  10. by   cargal
    Originally posted by fergus51
    Kevin, the threads are a lot nicer to read when it isn't all insults and rudeness. Even if you think people are complete idiots, that's no reason to take a thread to the lowest level of debate which involves name calling. I am not trying to be an a$$, but it has to be said, especially when Brian has had to close threads for degenerating to name calling.
    Thank you fergus.
    And I was out of town all weekend and not able to accurately follow the story. Who is? I think prn is posting from her gut feelings, and there is nothing wrong with that. Not all of us can be brilliant ex military undercover operators- just normal American folk trying to sift through all the BS. I appreciate hearing all sides,
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  11. by   StuPer
    Hello everyone,
    A follow-up to this story.... CNN are now reporting that the actual ammount of Uranium is nearer 5 ounces??????(according to the local Mayor)... bloody big bar to be only 5 ounces... on top of that they have released the two suspects (who have disapeared) and the taxi driver, due to lack of evidence. Call me stupid but travelling with a box of nuclear material, is not only evidence but warrants more than a 24hr detention????... Now THAT sounds suspicious.
    The link to the CNN story is
    regards Stuart
  12. by   LasVegasRN
    Thanks, Stuart, for continuing to post on this board, I hope to see you more often.
  13. by   Glad2behere
    Ok, I grow weary of the personal attacks and name calling myself, and I agree wholeheartedly with Fergus51 on that.

    Prn nurse raised an issue that if one thinks about it very intently has a logical course of thought. I often find her posts as an invitation to further analysis, realizing that my own small mind is not all encompassing. While I often disagree with her posts, I am still prompted to study them because the core message of her posts is caution. It never hurts to study ideas of others and accept them or dismiss them on a particular issue or general philosophy, but the ideas are still very much welcome.

    Having said that, my thought on prn's post prompted me to think and see the tree in the forest. If 15 kgs. of U-235 is coincidentally tipped off to be traveling destination Iraq, and required a tip to be found (from where no telling), then questions have to be asked, considering the timing of the event in relation to what is currently happening in Western-Mid East relations.

    A. Is a cargo of this amount an isolated incident?

    B. Would it be illogical to assume that it was an isolated

    C. If not an isolated incident, just how many nonpublicized
    occurrences can be speculated?

    D. Is the speculation already done by our government and a tally
    much more grevious than commonly assumed thereby
    necessitating a propaganda ploy and this incident is the
    vehicle for it, to increase a sense of urgency in the masses?

    E. Should the incident be taken at face value per the report and
    attribute the discovery of the shipment as a collossal
    intervention that saved the day?

    Thank you Stuart for posting.

    Thank you prn for making me think.
  14. by   prn nurse
    You're welcome glad2behere et al.

    I see chug is cruising this forum as I write...has been for 10 minutes...
    did Sidney post ??

    Nope. He's exited to go and find something mean to say ...
    and search for some ""exact specific facts"" on the net.
    You guys are gonna be s o r r y.......

    Sid, I wait for your return with "bated breath"....or it that "Baited breath?"..............whatever......