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Here I sit in the smallest bedroom of he house where I've taken refuge for the past 15 months, sound machine loudly running. The timbers of our house creak and groan overhead as my husband slumbers... Read More

  1. by   BCgradnurse
    I am THAT snorer!! I finally had a sleep study done when my daughter threw me out of a hotel room in Paris because I kept her awake all night. Sure enough, I have OSA. I tried every CPAP mask/nasal pillow on the market. I just can't stand having something on my face. I slept less with the CPAP than without it. My solution-I had a mouthguard made for me by my dentist. it wasn't cheap and wasn't covered by insurance, but I sleep much better and I don't keep the neighbors awake. It was a worthwhile investment.
  2. by   Turtle in scrubs
    Separate bedrooms. If he doesn't respect you enough to try and address the issue, respect yourself enough to do what you need to do to get some sleep.
  3. by   poppycat
    I convinced my husband to get a sleep study 2 months after we got married. He's had CPAP for over 9 years now & loves it! We both sleep much better & he never makes up excuses not to use it.
  4. by   FranEMTnurse
    I know what you mean. My son-in-law snores like that. We have heard him snore from the farthest end of my home. My daughter has even run a fan in order to drown out the noise, and he gets annoyed if she doesn't sleep beside him. The poor girl has lost so much sleep.
  5. by   DanielaLee5
    Omg I have just the same question with my DH I am so tired of this
  6. by   Ruby Vee
    Quote from DanielaLee5
    Omg I have just the same question with my DH I am so tired of this
    Sleep study! Sleep apnea has serious consequences. Tell him he doesn't want to be a hemiplegic aphasic stroke victim. If you have to get one yourself in order to convince him to go, it's worth it!