Got a Free Stress Test, Courtesy of AAA Roadside!!!

  1. Hey y'all, Here's a cautionary tale...

    If you are not a cross country runner, don't even think about going with AAA for roadside.

    My mom gave me her old SUV last week. She bought herself a brand new Ram 1500 with a Cummins diesel. No need for her to have the old car. Drove it 1400 miles last week, 200 miles a day for my nursing program prereq's...

    I oil changed it earlier. I was just chilling in my garage, listening to Nurse Mendoza's video on DKA, and adding oil when catastrophe happened. I found an oil leak. A large one. I checked my oil filter and my drain plug...nothing I did.

    5 quarts of fresh Castrol GTX oil onto my garage floor.

    Dipstick wouldn't even register. I added 2 quarts of older oil I had laying around, and called AAA

    Shortly after, I got a call saying they wouldn't go to my house since I live on a dirt road, and would send a car dolly setup down the hill. I exchanged my fair share of going off on the dispatcher, and they were finally able to send a FLATBED, capable of hauling my AWD.

    I mob it as fast as I could down the hill, 3 miles or so to the awaiting tow truck. Engine runs, didn't fry. Thank GOD.

    I get told I would have got charged a dirt road fee. Screw that.

    I run 3 miles up 15% grade at times, dark woods, with my small flashlight to my ranch. Beer in one hand, light in the other, listening to my old workout mix

    I'm not a believer in the boogie man, but I'll tell you what does exist: Mountain lions, bears, and these 3 foot long suckers called rattlesnakes.

    No harm was done. I ran roughly 3 miles in 32 minutes jogging, at a heart rate of 202 at the top of the steepest part.

    But being left on a dirt road at midnight and having to drive my car with only 2 quarts of oil in it 3 miles was sketchy.

    Think I'll go with Good Sam next time, or I'm going to throw $500 at my mom and pray she sells me her old car hauler.

    The icing on the cake? I filed a formal complaint for the fact they refused to come up to my ranch. I was told AAA holds no obligation to get you home after breaking down.

    Yup, you're walking.

    Yup. I think I'm going to call mom tomorrow, and politely ask for her price on the car hauler.

    Hopefully y'all will think twice before going with these guys -_- I should have

    I love running. When my dad got his toes amputated when i was in High school, my routine was: I'd go to school, go home, do his dressing and his PICC line of Vanco. Then go on a 20 mile run to melt my stresses away. Running up a steep grade at midnight in the cold just isn't my idea of fun
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