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  1. Am I on the right track ? I have been dating Dan for 5 months. We each have our own home. Whenever I go to his place to eat, his 33 year old single mom daughter is there. She has a 4 year old and a 5 month old. She is a recovering drug addict. It was ok at first. With time, I have discovered that she repeats everything I say to her friends and to her biological mother. No filter. No privacy. I don't want to come between her and her dad. They are close. If she isn't at her dad's, she's at her mother's. They lend her money, feed her and clean her apartment. I know that if she didn't have them, there's a good chance she would revert back to drugs. She once lost her 4 year old to child protection services. However, for my well being, I told my boyfriend that I don't desire seeing her as much as I do. I have my own daughter. I have proposed to
    dan that I will still go to his place but less often. When he is at my home, it's a different atmosphere. Calmer. I asked him to stop relaying my life to her because she repeats everything. I haven't told him but I think she needs to get a life and work on her own issues.
    Am I being selfish or on the right track ? Please be honest !!!!! Thank-you !
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  3. by   heron
    I think your actions are very appropriate. Clear boundaries are important in any relationship. Unless he asks for your advice, however, I would keep mum on your assessment of his daughter's needs and how he deals with them. This early in a relationship, it's still really between him and his daughter - stay out of it.