Good Tuesday Morning 04/19/2005

  1. Leslie,
    Fingers and toes crossed for you.........Please keep us posted.

    Another beautiful day here on Monday, except only in the mid 60s. Still prefect for spending the day outside reading.............back into the 70s for Tuesday.

    Just realized how late that it was, another 5 am wake-up in the morning.....
    Talk to the rest of you soon...............
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  3. by   Tweety
    Good morning! Up early this AM to take spouse to the airport. He's going to San Diego for a wound care conference.

    Air conditioning man is coming over this AM, going to cost $500.00 to keep the battered air conditioner going. Summers are hard on air conditioners here, since it lasts six brutal months.

    Otherwise going to just lounge around and read, go to yoga class tonight. Just enjoy the fact that I don't have chemistry or work today.
  4. by   RainDreamer
    Hi Tweey and Suzanne, and to all those yet to wake up

    Tweey, lucky for us we actually haven't had to use the AC yet! It's been fairly nice, but I can feel summer is a comin'! When I talked to my parents they said it's been in the 90s there this week, but cooling down the the 70s/80s. Summers last a long time here too, but at least we can use the swamp cooler ... makes the electric bill a lot cheaper, for a couple months anyway. I'm totally loving this spring weather though, I'm a warm-weather kind of gal, that cold stuff is sure not for me! Anyway, I hope you enjoy your day off from school and work! You deserve it, ENJOY!

    I'm heading off to bed. Start my 3rd week of preceptorship tomorrow night ... first night of 3 in a row. Goodnight! I hope yall have a wonderful Tues.
  5. by   NursesRmofun
    Morning! AC? Well, the time is coming around. Hoping for a better day here on the RE front.

    <screaming for stress relief> LOL
  6. by   CHATSDALE
    TWEETY in same boat ac wise...i have had to have a service guy out here every summer for two years to replace freon [?] i may have to bite the bullet and have unit replaced but with tax time my poor bank account is anemic
    RAINY can't use swamp cooler d/t humidity but i do have a [non-functioning] attic fan
    when it was running i could put off ac by a month
    FUNNY - stress is only as big as you let it be give itg a swift kick and enjoy life
    susie and followers catch you later
  7. by   Spidey's mom
    Air conditioning? I have to start a fire this morning - my fingers are freezing. I'd LOVE it if summer lasted 6 months. Unfortunately not much use for loggers in tropical zones.

    We did get an evaporative cooler when I was preggers with my youngest 4 years ago.

    The sun is shining again - I was called off due to NO PATIENTS. This happens maybe once a year. So weird to walk into the nurse's station and realize there isn't a patient in sight. Yesterday the RN and CNA were cleaning out all the drawers, restocking rooms, making charts, etc.

    I got up at 6:30 - before toddler woke up and enjoyed a cup of coffee and the paper. He is usually an early riser - I take advantage of the quiet when I can.

    One of our docs competed in the Boston Marathon - he is 56. A couple of years ago he did the IronMan too. He had that symbol tatooed onto his upper arm. He is a pretty avid runner . ..

    Happy Tuesday - may the sun shine on you.

  8. by   Tweety
    Good morning! I've surfing the net killing time while the air conditioning guys are here. But all is well and I'm $500.00 poorer.

    Steph. I was in training for the Disney Marathon in Orlando and even registered, but had to stop when my knee went bad. I was up to 13 mile runs adding slowly on. I miss those long runs. Every time I took up jogging since then the knee flares up again, so I've given up that goal. I love to get called off for low census. Of course we've never had a "0" census.
  9. by   Spidey's mom
    Quote from Tweety
    Good morning! I've surfing the net killing time while the air conditioning guys are here. But all is well and I'm $500.00 poorer.

    Steph. I was in training for the Disney Marathon in Orlando and even registered, but had to stop when my knee went bad. I was up to 13 mile runs adding slowly on. I miss those long runs. Every time I took up jogging since then the knee flares up again, so I've given up that goal. I love to get called off for low census. Of course we've never had a "0" census.
    "0" census . . one of the perks of rural nursing. I love getting called off too. Some people don't - weird.

    I'm trying to start up AGAIN my running program. I love long runs along a road here where you can see deer, squirrels, cattle, a creek, etc. Lots of good hills too. I want to kick myself everytime I let myself get out of shape - the climb back up is sooo painful and frustrating. I really think those runs are emotional therapy for me. I like to run alone too. I take the dog though - lots of mountain lions around here. So far me knees have held out - it is just being out of shape that hurts.

  10. by   chris_at_lucas_RN
    Morning, everybody~

    It's been a while, hasn't it.

    Six months of summer, eh, Tweety? (Don't talk to us Texans about "brutal summers!")

    Know what you mean though.

    I got out of my telemetry internship--couldn't bring myself to stoop to the low quality of nursing that my coaches were demonstrating. Can you imaging reusing an IV cannula that had been laying on the bedside stand for five minutes? When I said, you can't do that, she said, but it's just his germs.... OOOOKKKKAAAAAYYYYYY......

    The next coach lost me when she was showing me how to be faster at doing an intake. Her short cut was that she didn't look at or touch the patient. The lady in question was a long time diabetic whose eyesight was shot--her pupils were blown to about 8 mm and didn't react to light. My coach speedily entered that her pupils were 3 mm and reacted briskly.

    Another one showed me how to take less time to feed a patient, a man whose edema was so bad his arms were swollen in extended position and he could not bend his elbows enough to eat--don't even talk about his poor fingers. Her time saving method was to shove more food before the last large mouthful was gone. She got it into him in five minutes though.... compared to my 20.

    Clearly, telemetry is not for me. In fact, my husband already has my instructions. If I have to be in that hospital on that floor, just give me a gun and be done with it.

    Oh, and this is a good one, when I left there, I was told by the director of the education department and my unit manager that I didn't have enough clinical skills and that seasoned nurses didn't like to be told things by new nurses. And this is a magnet hospital. I won't say all the nurses were this way, just the ones assigned to coach me. The others I don't know about. (Except one--when he was charge, he gave me two patients "to watch for 30 minutes." Except my relief never showed up. The report I got? "That one just got his pain med and this one is walking with the OT." That was the report on which I based my care of those two patients for over 4 hours. Cardiac patients. On a telemetry unit.)

    Needless to say, the bloom is off the rose, the honeymoon is over, and I am seeing more reality. It really is about the dollar for them, isn't it? And we wonder why there is no appreciation for "heart" in nursing anymore, but then we import nurses who, let's face it, aren't coming to the US so they can "minister to the poor and miserable," they are coming for what my parents' generation used to call "the almightly dollar." No wonder shoving food into a sick man's mouth is seen as efficient nursing care.

    Not for me.

    Now I'm working psych, which is much more in keeping with my training and experience. But that's got its own worms too, doesn't it.

    Might just have to go back to doing counseling and psychotherapy. Trouble is, I love nursing and my patients. I just have to figure out how to overlook the stuff that makes one's stomach turn.

    Currently in the middle of a 2-1/2 week run with no days off, covering for a girl who decided to take 10 days to collect her child from the grandparents' house, and "since I haven't been back in a year and a half" expected others to cover for her. OK, no problem, it will be very hard, but I can use the money. To which she responded that gee she was going to have some short checks and could she work some of my shifts after she got back? (No! I should have short checks so she can make up for when she went on vacation? Reminds me of a Dr. Seuss story. Maybe "Horton Hears a Who.")

    Okay, enough for now. Good to be back and to see so many familiar names. (I was gonna say, faces, but no, that's not it. LOL)
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  11. by   Spidey's mom
    Chris - I've had some experiences with nurses who take short-cuts and it drives me crazy. But for the most part that doesn't happen where I work. Our DON is an awesome patient advocate and nurse advocate. I feel so lucky really. Even though my goal is to stay home full time, I'm grateful I work where I do.

    Sorry about your experiences . . . . I think it is not simply medicine that has these problems. Unfortunately there seems to be a shift among some people regarding integrity and honesty and that cuts across all professions.

  12. by   VivaLasViejas
    Sheesh........Chris, I'm sure sorry about your early experiences in nursing! The first year or so is really rough.......the idealism dissolves very quickly, and it's always disappointing to confront the reality. But you make adjustments, and more importantly, you learn to practice according to YOUR ethics and integrity, and never mind about somebody else's (unless of course they do something totally egregious, in which case you report it and let TPTB deal with that person). That's one of the cooler things about becoming a nurse later in've set your own standards to live by, and you're less apt to give in to peer pressure, like not cutting corners just because some of your co-workers do it.

    You're a good person, Chris, and nursing needs you. Don't give'll find your niche.
  13. by   chris_at_lucas_RN
    (((((Marla))))) I can always count on you for hugs and warmth.

    I'm mostly feeling tired and frustrated now, not ready to give up on nursing, just looking for my niche.

    I really love patient care, and I want to continue nursing. I've just gotten old enough where I can "vote with my feet."

    Don't wanna, but I'm not going to be intimidated into unsafe practices by anyone suggesting that if I don't stay with a particular place, I won't be able to get a job.

    (Can you tell my husband just found work? At a good company--Cisco, for a good rate of pay. So some of my chutzpah comes from having less financial pressure..... LOL)

    Thanks, Marla, thanks.
  14. by   leslie :-D
    hi guys!

    i'm typing this from tiff's computer; the boys and my laptop have crashed and am awaiting a call from our computer guy. he's awesome.

    anyway, i do not want this job. the clinical director was telling me these russian docs receive their certification in russia and ARE eligible to take the boards w/o attending nsg school, and the training they receive has been approved by our state board of nsg.

    also, i wouldn't be doing the training; i would be the program director which would oversee all the staff developers, so it would be a desk job- no bedside care and also entails alot of traveling since this co owns over 20 facilities in the state; and would be required to travel to all of them, a few of them being a 3 hour drive. so no way. i'm still not sure i understand the certification part but they become certified in their country (? as nurses) and once they've completed the training program through this company, they can sit for nclex.

    dd's bugging me to get off; don't know when computers will be fixed....

    chris- good to hear from you sweetie. NEVER lower your'll find your niche; and you'll quickly find out that not all nurses aspire to the high standards of care that we do. i'll respond to your email whenever my laptop is fixed.

    later and peace,fam!

    leslie xoxo