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don't see anyone getting our day started will try my best! good morning family! i'm going to sleep soon. wantan has hernia surgery in a few hours an i'm driving. so better get some... Read More

  1. by   live4today
    Quote from shellyjellybelly
    ..........................cheer-happy early birthday :hatparty: .................................................. .............
    thank ya, shellyjellybelly! it's officially the 29th, but i'm preparing myself for turning another year older.
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    Quote from jnette
    Renee and I aren't allowed to have anymore. OUR rules.

    OK.. outta here! Might check back in before bed, might not.. we'll see how the puter is behaving. Can't wait to snuggle into those flannel sheets tonight... mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
    OK... bye !
    Hey hey hey...speak for yourself ol' lady. Aw and I are just spring chickens. We just won't say WHICH SPRING we hatched anymore. :kiss

    I wish my bed weren't in storage right now. I have flannel sheets that I could be crawling in between right now if I had my bed set up. I luv those sheets in cold or cool weather. Makes me sleep like a baby.

    Night night Jnette! Hope you have a better day at work tomorrow and Saturday. Get on back here when you can. Ya know we'll miss ya and all. I'm gettin' teary eyed already just thinking about you not being with us for two days...........'cept for a short while each day. Who will Siri rake over the coals but Suebird if you aren't here. :uhoh21:

    Gotta sign off myself. Had a very busy day today, and my lower back is aching something awful. Just took some Tylenol. Going to drink a hot drink (wont' say what's going to be in THAT drink) and doze off to sleep. See ya'll later "possums in the making". :spin:
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    Quote from cheerfuldoer
    Thank ya, shellyjellybelly! It's officially the 29th, but I'm preparing myself for turning another year older.
    Cheer, start celebrating now...don't even pay attention to age. If you start worrying about age, you will not enjoy half of your life.


    We went to Texas Roadhouse, waited for at least 30 minutes to get seated. There were 10 of us. They tried to sit us all in 2 booths. Then they said, "Yeah, this is how we always do it when we split up a big party." My mom said, "There's room for 8, we have 10 in our party." So, I said, "Let's go to Beto's!" So, we all got up, and walked next door to Beto's. :chuckle

    I guzzled down most of my beer before we left, but dang it, I didn't grab a two dd's did, though, so I took a bite of one of theirs.

    We walked next door, waited for a few minutes (?) and sat all together. It was fun. When we finished the singing crew came over and one of the guys said, "....We won't stop singing until you stop waving this towel."

    So, the smart-ellic I am, I let them get 2 or 3 words out of their song, and stop waving the towel. YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN THEIR FACES!!! Eventually they all realized that I had stopped waving the towel and stopped singing. lol...then I started waving it again, and they all had to start the song over again.

    It was too funny! :hatparty: