Good Morning Sunday, January 16, 2005

  1. It's still actually Saturday night, but I thought I'd get the Good Morning thread going for you all.

    Breakfast this morning will include your choice of oatmeal, Cream of Wheat, or grits......only hot cereal will do when you've got an inch of ice glaze all over your front yard! :chuckle There will also be pancakes, eggs, and bacon, plus a special omelet made with sausage, eggs & cheese with chipotle salsa. YUM!

    It's my long weekend (4 days off), so I don't have to go back to work until Tuesday. I'm taking Wednesday off to celebrate my birthday, so it'll be a short week, which doesn't exactly break my heart. I love my work, it's the job that gets to me sometimes.

    Speaking of jobs: My sister, with the CHF and pulmonary hypertension, has worked for a nasty, mean-spirited attorney for nearly 8 years, which has a lot to do with why she's been so ill over the past year or so. Today she told me he stepped over the line one too many times......he called her "inept" and told her she has NO short-term memory (this from a man who can't find his butt with both hands and a traffic cop directing signals, let alone a file right under his nose :angryfire). And she QUIT. Just up and quit. Thank God......I've been telling her for years that that damn job was going to kill her, and it almost did. I mean, she's had angioedema, hives, severe asthma, an ulcer, hypertension, and now CHF, and she's only 58 years old. Me, I've quit way better jobs than that, in far less time.......I can't imagine how she's put up with that man's garbage all these years.

    I hope she files for unemployment and cites extreme stress as the reason......he's such a miserly sonuvabee that he'll fight it tooth and nail (she's gotten a total of three raises in those 8 years), but I bet she gets it. Frankly, I wish she'd sue the b*******.......she's learned a legal trick or two over the years......but I don't blame her for walking away. Sometimes, enough is enough.

    I haven't heard from my Army brat since she went back to Alabama. She's called a couple of times and talked to her sister and her dad, but she never calls when I'm home. I don't know what's going on with her, but I do know she wasn't really happy when she was here, her mind always seemed to be elsewhere and she 'escaped' with her old friends every time she got the chance. She was the same way before she left last July, but I was still very disappointed when she came home and didn't want to spend much time with the family. I found out a couple of weeks ago that she DIDN'T have to be back on base on the 27th, she could have stayed another few days and been back on the 31st......but she was so distracted and distant when she was here that it was almost a relief when she left. I won't even pretend to know why things have come to this.........I just have to not think about it too much, because it makes me sad and I don't think I can fix it.

    Oh well, otherwise life is good, and I hope every one of my friends here at allnurses has a wonderful day, wherever you may be.
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  3. by   dianah
    Hi all. I'll post a few lines before I get to bed. Marla, I suspect you'll find out what's going on with Amanda sooner or later . . . it's got to be aggravating, though. One never quits being a parent, and being concerned about one's children, no matter how old or mature they are. Hugs.

    Quiet day today; dh and I helped with music at Sabbath School, then had lunch then I took an hour nap (!), then we left the kids at home to go visit a friend of his, a college student who also attends the Friday night singing bands at the hospital. We gabbed and did a little jamming. Then I had to run to LensCrafters, as dh SAT on my glasses as I was getting up from the earlier nap. I had set them on the coffee table, and he came over to talk w/me, and plopped himself down RIGHT on top of them as I gasped out to stop him. You know, you just CAN'T get those words out fast enuf when you need to!!! Frames were pretty much pushed out of shape, both lenses popped out . . . but Cameron at LensCrafters put them all back into shape again, in just a few minutes. I even wandered around the store trying on new frames, as I was SURE I'd have to shell out $$$ for some!! I was relieved I didn't have to!!
    So I then took oldest son to a birthday party some 20 min away, then went grocery shopping, then home to put groceries away. I indulged in about an hour's reading, then drove out to get gas and pick son up by 10:30 p.m. The kids are getting ready for bed; we're planning an excursion to Disneyland in the morning, so I better get to bed too.
    Sleep well! -- D
  4. by   Tweety
    Good morning! Marla, the omlette sounds good to me. Shamefully, I made a junk food run and had doritoes and Ben and Jerry's. Guess I needed some comfort food.

    Feel asleep with a nursing text in my lap. Read one chapter and had to take a nap. Woke up and did some things, and read the 2nd chapter and feel asleep sitting up. Must be the stimulating reading. LOL

    When I went on the junk food run I took the car keys that didn't have the house keys on them and was locked out. Surprisingly easy to break in here.

    Dianah, must be fun to have season tickets to Disney lands and kids to enjoy it with. Have fun.
  5. by   RainDreamer
    Marla, thanks for the yummy breakfast, I love eggs and salsa, mmm mmm good!

    Dianah, have fun at Disneyland tomorrow!

    Tweety, good to hear you weren't locked out for too long, I hate when I do that.

    I'm trying to finish up these 200 EKG problems but I've got a headache and should just go to bed. I have so much to do but I just don't feel like doing it I think I need a good night's sleep.

    Night folks and mornin' to the rest of yall when you wake up. Hope you all have a great Sunday!
  6. by   weetziebat
    good morning to all,

    yum! thanks, marla, for breakfast. i'll have bacon, fried eggs (over medium) and a big bowl of grits. with a big cup of coffee.
    our weather has certainly become a typical oregon winter, hasn't it? know we need rain, but i was truly enjoying the dry weather.
    glad to hear your sister finally quit her job. dang! sounds like it was looooong overdue. good for her!

    diana, had to laugh about your glasses. sorry, but the other day i not only dropped my new glasses but then proceeded to step on them. talk about clumsy!! so now i have a scratch on the lens
    have fun at disneyland

    tweety, probably not very good news that it is so easy to break into your home, huh?

    raindreamer, if you'd like some rain, i can send you some. two hundred ekg problems? yeah, that would give me a headache too. get some sleep!

    hey! is anybody else hooked on the show 'lost'? dh had recorded an episode we'd missed and we watched it today. i simply can't wait till the next show. which is unusual for me. personally, i wouldn't mind being stuck on an island with sayed. :chuckle

    alrighty, gonna go read for a while. hope we all have a great sunday and hoping i don't get any calls today cause we are planning to take a drive up the coast. hugs to all -
  7. by   nursemary9
    good morning to all

    just a quick note to say hi!!

    i had a really lazy day yesterday & never went near a computer!!

    i'm at work now & it's another terrible nite, :uhoh21: even tho i only have 5 patients!!
    we got a transfer from the micu that should still be in micu!!!
    very busy patient--very poor shape!!

    oh well

    got to run with him!!

    mary ann
  8. by   Thunderwolf
    good morning family,

    you know, the grits and pancakes hit the spot for me. haven't had grits in a long thoughtful.

    not much hanppening today. had my girls yesterday. spent a lot of time with my yougest one playing a computer rollercoaster game. it was fun. problem is that after the girls left, i found that i played it for several hours.
    boy, what a big kid i can be!! now, my neck hurts. i'm paying the price for it. not as young as i used to be. have to take some motrin.

    yesterday's boards were very intense, regardless were i surfed. heated discussions. as a result, i'm pretty burnt as a result. may lay off the computer for most of the day, if not the whole day.

    well, i'm pretty beat. sorry to be a part pooper this morning. i really need to catch some zzzzzzzzz's.

    have a most excellent day, folks.

  9. by   jnette
    Morning !

    Well, just had b'fast, thank you.. but cream of wheat sounds lovely nonetheless.. with a hershey kiss melted in the middle.

    Not too busy here this morning, I see.

    I actually stayed up and watched football last night. Most unusual for me as I am NOT a football watcher. But it felt good just to stretch out on the couch.. plus I wanted the Steelers to win (close, eh?) and I will have to admit I'm a huge fan of Michael Vick, as he was our local college superstar. So I have to pull for whatever team he plays for now. He worked his magic again last night. GO VICK !

    Guess I need to buckle down today and force myself to actually DO those things I only SPOKE about yesterday...
    Ah well.. it was nice not doing a darn thing yesterday, except making my beef stew, which was marvelous, by the way.

    Jessie will be home sometime today.. can't wait to get filled in about her time with Adam and Thumbelina.

    Catch you al later !
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  10. by   jnette
    ooops.. forgot something. I meant to addresse Marla's frustration with Amanda.

    I do believe her behavior is VERY common for those who are still young and have recently enterd the military. Their world has changed SO much.. and suddenly they relate more to their "new family" than to home. They have made new friends and and being amongst their peers is now of utmost importance. They have new independence now, and a life of their own. So many of these kids will either find themselves drawn back to this new "family" or they will often spend only a fraction of their time at home while on leave, most of their leave time is spent running the roads and hanging out with former school mates and buddies. I've heard many a mom bemoan this, but it's quite common. As they grow and mature, they do tend to "come back" and value the importance of family time once again.

    I'm glad Adam was "older" when he joined, as he doesn't seem to have this "need".

    I feel for ya, Marla. I know how you long to see her, hold her, and spend quality time with her... but trust me.. this WILL pass. :kiss
  11. by   Tweety
    Good morning again. I'm here avoiding housework and homework.

    Got to go to Sears and get my watch fixed. I'm hoping it's just a dead battery.

    Otherwise nothing much going on. I can't believe I'm up at this hour which is weird. I'll take a nap later.

    Spouse comes home late tonight after 10pm from his business trip!!! Woot! I spent a good deal of my adult life living alone, but I sure don't like it now.
  12. by   lil' girl
    Good morning, everyone must be sleeping late today.

    Marla thanks for breakfast, just coffee for me, can't eat until I've been up at least 3hrs.

    Dinah I am jealous, sounds like fun, have a great time.

    Raindreamer don't forget to rest that brain for a few. (yeah right, huh?)

    Tweety when I read my nursing books I always sit in a hard and uncomfortable chair so I won't fall asleep. If I sit on the couch or a comfy chair I fall asleep on the first page!

    Weetz wish I could take that drive with you, sounds so nice.

    MaryAnn, I am tired already listening to your busy work day.

    Thunderwolf have a good rest.

    Jnette we have a 20% chance of light snow, so we will probably get a foot!! How about you?? Bet you can't wait to hear all about Adam and DIL.

    Well I think I will tackle the taxes today, blah, dh works for himself so we have to keep every scrap of paper. I hate to do that junk! If I have time will study some for that test on Tuesday.

    Hope everyone has a good day

  13. by   jnette
    Quote from lil' girl
    Jnette we have a 20% chance of light snow, so we will probably get a foot!! How about you?? Bet you can't wait to hear all about Adam and DIL.

    Yeh.. we had a thunderstorm two nights ago.. and you know what they say... thunder in January, and within ten days you WILL have snow.
    So now it remains to be seen just how much. :stone Snuggle in and work on those taxes, girl !

    Tweety.. so what are you fixing spouse for his welcome back meal?
    Will the doggies be excited,too?
    Enjoy... I do love my solitude, perhaps more than most, but can't say I'd want to be completely alone, either. I just want my cake and eat it, too. Afterall.. ain't that what it's THERE for?

    DH decided since the sun is still shining.. reagrdless of it only being 28 degrees, he would run up to the course for a quick game of golf.. before that snow comes our way. Heh.

    So now I really have no excuse not to get busy on my projects.. I can go out and use the big kitchen table to spread out all my work, no distractions from his TV.. no excuses. Better get at it.

    dang. Don't wanna.
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  14. by   Tweety
    Jnette, he's probably going straight to bed when he gets home. But I'm marinating a turkey breast for a nice meal to come.

    The doggies will be beside themselves. They've been surprisingly good with him good. I thought maybe they'd get a little depressed, but since I'm their alpha and the one who feeds them I'm most important around this pack. LOL

    I know what you mean about solitude. I've pretty much been a loner and am perfectly content with solitude most of the time. John's very independent too since he grew up an only child. We both give each other a lot of space. When I go to day shift, the weekends I work 12-hour shifts will be his time, I'll have my time during the week. I love having my cake and eating it too...that IS what it's there for!

    Lil' girl, when I did my ADN I went to the library to study because it was torture. I read better at the kitchen table when I'm home. But I have to stay away from the couch or I'm conked out.