Good Morning Monday 6/14/2004 - page 5

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  1. by   dianah
    Deb, get the front-loader. I just did (the low-end Sears H3). Love it. It spins so much more efficiently that the clothes/towels/sheets/whatever are drier when I put them into the dryer, thus it takes less time to get them dry. I need to ask dh to put up a clothes line out back . . .
    And you're right, the washer uses less soap (need to use low-suds laundry soap), less electricity and less water. Supposedly is gentler to your clothes, too.
    When I first got it, I almost took a chair out to the garage to sit and watch it work, it's so different from any other washer I've ever had! I still will pause and watch it for the first few minutes, just observing what it does . . .
    Your decision, however, is yours! Good luck making it! -- D