GOOD MORNING - MONDAY 1st June, 2009.

  1. greetings everyone and ..................... welcome to monday!

    wishing everyone a great week ahead and may all your troubles be miniscule!

    my monday is nearing it's completion, the sun is almost set and the night air is settling in, cold ..... very cold! well ... it is afterall the first day of winter for us here!

    here's a little something to kick start your day .................

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  3. by   Grace Oz
    Awww ... heck! It's the start of a new week, you'll need more than just coffee!


    Have you guessed yet that I'm playing around here while the rack of lamb is cooking in the oven???!!!
  4. by   Joe NightingMale
    Hi Grace!

    I'm off to clinicals today. Just wish it wasn't raining so hard.

    Not much else to do this week, except study for my test next week.
  5. by   zuzi
    Good night and sleep well my sweeties. Yes I was so good today than I look at me and I could not belived that is my life, peacefull, nice woanderful people a lot... was a GREAT day, indeead. Now "avec votre permission" could I dream a little ust about beauty in all an everythink don't twist your mind like always...please!.... My Dh put me to cross my heart and promise that i will not touch his closet, lol. Look a soo beautifull picture, gorgeouse, huh.....he, he, he I WILL, i will, i will.... buy a ....dress!
    I promised! LOOOL But could be day! I am good, I am good and I will buy a dress!

    Now real... GRACE... help me... I want that coffe and the breakfest... could you send them to me, or I could come there for it? LOOOL Love you Grace, i go to sleep and to dream at your delicatessen, better than to my tuxedo... I am an old lady dear, lol. have a nice day!

    Joe go a little bit out and enjoy the beautifull!
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  6. by   Grace Oz
    have a good day, joe, and good luck with clinicals and the upcoming test!

    hi zuzi, glad you had a good day! that photo of daine keaton reminds me of charlie chaplin!!! lol

    the rack of lamb was delicious! now i'm contented! spending a quiet monday evening pottering around, switching between reading, watching tv, and popping in here periodically.

    just read that qantas has linked up with woolworths - (big chain store/supermarkets) - and for every dollar over $30 you spend in "woolies" in one transaction, you'll receive a frequent flyer point with qantas. apparently this is a world first between an airline and a chain store group...........

    well, i fly qantas and shop at "woolies!" so maybe i'll earn a free trip! lol
    why, i might even get to come back up/over again! that alone is inspiration enough to spend up big at the supermarket! lol
    there's always some gimmick isn't there?

    so ...... has the sun risen up/over yet? are y'all stirring and stretching and hitting the ground running???! lol
  7. by   sirI
    good morning!!!!!!!!!!

    thanks for the breakfast, gracie. looks good. we used to have woolworth's around here years ago. hope you are sleeping nicely now.

    a couple of things to do today, so best get to it.

    hope you all

  8. by   jmgrn65
    Good Morning/Good Night Grace, Siri, Joe and Zuzi and of course all that follows.
    I hope everyone's weekend was good. DH and I golfed 9 holes I did terrible and even quit keeping score, oh well it was nice to get out and enjoy the weather. Very Nice day out.
    Today back to the salt mines...
    Hugs and Prayers to all!:heartbeat
  9. by   dianah
    Good morning to all!

    I'm off to work, buh-bye!!
  10. by   Spidey's mom
    Good morning - Grace, you are most likely asleep but the sun has been up for me for a long time but I've been hanging out on another thread and didn't get HERE till now.

    Happy Monday and the 1st of June!

    I would love that cup of coffee!

    Gotta get busy with homework - and Danny is home with his ear infection because he spiked a fever in the night. His ear doesn't hurt but he hears his heartbeat in there.

    Golf huh? I only went once with my dh and I couldn't stand how the clubs get tossed so I never went back.

  11. by   jnette
    Greetings !!!

    No fair showing all that food ! I'll be lucky to get a tomato sandwich tonight. I've been going non-stop since I walked through the door.

    PT had Mutti get up again today, and had her sitting in the living room in her lift chair when I got home ! Said she did much better today, actually made two tiny steps !!! I'll take them.. 2 steps is better than no steps !

    So dh and I transferred her back into her w/c and then into bed.. she had been up nealry 3 hours in that chair already. She loved it. But was just as happy to get back onto her bed. She's doing better with the transferring.. even attempts to pivot a bit. Slowly but surely we'll get there, right?

    Then I had to dress her bottom again, as the one decub is now a Mesalt wet-to-dry. It is SUCH a chore, because it's nearly inside the buttock crease where you can hardly get at it. As I was attending to that one, I noticed that on the opposite side underneath the duoderm patch, a dime sized yellow spot..... oh nooooooooooooooo !!!! ANOTHER one starting to infect. DANG !!!! So now there are two to have to deal with, along with all the other non infected areas that still aren't quite healed. Even looks like the entire inside of her crease is getting pretty red.. doesn't look good at all. Going to be difficult washing/bathing her there, yet she needs to be clean ! And what do I do when she poops now? Oh my, this is so worrisome.

    So then after all that, it was already 6 pm, and time to fix her supper.... I'm just now sitting down. Ack.

    If only we could get these places healed up.. and keep more from breaking down.....

    OK.. will try to get back later.. gotta go see how Mutti's doing with her supper....
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  12. by   jnette
    So.... I'm finally getting to sit down a bit. Had a 'mater sammich on whole wheat. That will be it for tonight.

    I'm exhausted. :stone

    Thinking about going to bed shortly. Nope.. have to write up Mutti's visit note and wound care first. Always something. *whine*

    She's been fed, and is now dozing off.. all comfy cozy in her secure little bed. With her doll and her teddy bear at her side... she calls them her 2 children.

    Now that she's resting comfortably, maybe I can catch my breath as well.
  13. by   Sabby_NC
    g'day one and all

    busy day for this wee lass.
    netters i am sure you will get that bottom healed up.
    is she good at keeping off her tooshy?

    chat more but this gal is going for a snuggle then bed.

    love to all :heartbeat