good morning 11th november

  1. good morning to everyone who follows here, I was going to be a rebel and post the date the british before month but of course today being 11/11 nobody would have noticed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    as a matter of curiosity are we the first in the us... well nearly the get to midnight? because our clocks dont go back and prior to that we are in line with florida etc...dont know what you guys call that. I think that when I can post this thread yesterdays gd thread is still going how much time is what I want to know?
    i am afraid all that I can offer you is a cup of tea.... made the british way of course....with teabags sent from scotland every few weeks, or caffiene free diet coke, I dont drink too much caffiene on nights if I can help it!
    well will go and see what else is being posted.
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  3. by   Roy Fokker

    Sheesh! Dear lady, whatever happened to distilling the leaves?!


    I'm afraid I'm going to say G'night instead of G'morning. I had a nice time with a Marine buddy fo mine (different guy. THis chap is a Gulf War I vet ) tossing back beers in honour of the Corps' B'day.

    I need to get to bed or I'll never wake up tomorrow for class!

    Hope y'all have a great day!
  4. by   madwife2002
    Good morning,

    Hi Christine hope you enjoy your T I'm afraid i am not typically british because I dont drink T. I am a coffee drinker but addicted to diet coke, I cannot live without it.

    Roy you have an amazingly busy social life reminds me of myself a few hundred years ago lol.

    Went out for a drink with my friend last nite but felt my eyes getting tired at 9.30, yep last of the party animals

    Well Iam not getting dressed today and that is official, when I announced it to my dh he was shocked he said what about the PACKING. :chuckle I am on strike from the packing, it is never ending.

    Have a great day for all who follow,
  5. by   weetziebat
    Mornin' y'all -

    Cariad, I'll have a cuppa please. May I have sugar and cream also please?
    And, yeah, I do believe you are the first in the States to see midnight, as you are on Eastern time. Now here,on the west coast (3 hours earlier), we're still cleaning up dinner dishes. BTW, where are you heading after you leave paradise?

    Roy, get some sleep - and hope you are hangover-free in the morning!

    MadWife, good for you, going on strike against packing. Don't blame ya a bit. I absolutely detest packing, although I'm fine unpacking and putting the stuff away once I arrive. How are you sending all your stuff?

    Well, I am now officially employed. Accepted the first job offer, then got an offer from the other place, but am feeling good about my choice, so think it should work out fine.

    Got lots of errands to run today, so should get to sleep sometime soon. See y'all later, and hope we all have a fantastic Friday.
  6. by   cariad
    yes roy, teabags...........tea leaves make a better cup of tea, but then you have to be able to buy them....not here, and to have a teapot and have a tea strainer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    tea made the way that only I would like it, not too strong not too weak and not too milky and only then with skimmed milk......fat free to you.
    oh and with canderel sweeteners...which I also have to get posted to me here.
    kay, at least you will be able to buy decent coffee over here, I only drink it occasionally, gave it up a long time ago. dont blame you for giving up on the packing, but you must have at least a couple done havent you???
  7. by   cariad
    missed you weetziebat!!!!!!!!!!!!
    no I dont think that I could make tea like that.....alien to me but I would have a go.

    still in discussion with recruiters from 2 agencys as to where to go next. was going to be arizona, not too sure now but heading in that direction anyway.

    dont really know the states so wherever we go it will be new and hopefully exciting. looking forward to it, love the island, the hospital took some getting used to, but the experience has been good. made some good friends here from everywhere.
  8. by   cariad
    so its midnight in the carribean one hour before everybody else in the us?
    cool cool cool

    so whats the biggest time gap from the other side of the states???????????
  9. by   Tweety
    Good Morning!

    I'm off today and was going to sleep in but forgot to turn off my alarm. So I'm up. I'll head to the gym and to the grocery store and do some homework, and take a nap.

    I drink both tea and coffee. Totally addicted. I love green tea, the best of which is from Japan.
  10. by   GPatty
    G'morning folks!
    Am getting ready for another clinical day at the it's PostPartum. Yesterday we had NO (one that was 10 days old and in an isolette was the only one) babies, don't know if things picked up or not! LOL!

    I'm soooo looking forward to Sunday cause I'm not going in to work that day. I'm calling them today to let them know. I have 2 Careplans to finish by Monday at 9a, a 9 page "Ethical Behavior in the Workplace" paper to work on which is due Wednesday at 9a, and an Exam Monday morning too. Can't do ti all. Hubby says "Do what ya gotta do" then in the next breath tells me how many bills we have to pay... IMO if he'd get off his duff and get a "real" job instead of the $200 a week he gets now "helping a friend", we'd be much better off! Oh well...finish this semester and 3 to go!

    Cariad~ Thanks for the tea offer, but I've got a cuppa coffee right now...I'm more of a tea drinker in the evenings.

    Roy~ Get to bed! Hope you don't have a hangover in the AM, and can sit through one of those lectures without falling asleep! LOL! Glad you had a good time!

    Kay~ Strike from packing, huh? Unfortunately, I have return after a LONG hiatus and I have no clue...but I'm glad you aren't getting dressed! Everyone should have a day to not have to get dressed! LOL!

    Weetzie~ Congrats and good luck on the new job!

    Tweets~ Good morning! HAd to edit cause you snuck in on me there! Have a wonderful day my friend!

    Sending a wonderful God kissed blessed day to all of you!
    Hope to talk to you more when I get home!
    To everyone else..... and it's good to be home! LOL!
  11. by   madwife2002
    weezebat congratulations you must be so pleased, it didnt take you long did it.:hatparty: :hatparty:

    julie i am emigrating to arizona on 1st dec so packing up my life into 8 suitcases lol, and i've had a long busy one-so nightmare. welcome back

    christine i am almost there almost but not quite
  12. by   DDRN4me
    Good morning friends!
    Like Tweety, i am off today...but got up with the alarm and t he dog!
    have to get oil changed, go grocery shopping, shampoo rugs, and MAYBE schoolwork if i am sufficiently motivated. this house looks like a bomb went off and i just cant live like this anymore, so that will be my priority. also have to gather stuff for the tree festival set up this weekend and make some chicken wings for the christening,
    caridad, would love to have a spot of tea with you as i am out of coffee..will have to hit DD soon!(dunkin donuts not my darling daughter!)
    Mad, enjoy your pajama day,,i usually reserve them for when we have an unexpected snow day from school .:hatparty:
    hope everyone has a happy productive day Mary
  13. by   jnette

    sooo......... here i am up already.. thought i'd indulge myself and sleep in 'til eight or so this a.m., but couldn't do it. enjoying my first cuppa coffee and yes, it's going to be a jammie day here for me as well. i deserve it. it's all of 32 degrees out there so our nice warm spell is over. bummer.

    i need to go to the grocery store and start gathering my t'giving dinner fixings, but i refuse to go out of the house today. this is my day. so i may well just hang out here and annoy all of you again.

    i'm off for four lovely days now... yaaaaaaaaaaaay !!!

    boy are you guys going to get sick of me!

    cariad.. i don't know that i could leave that island if i were you. it would be like having to leave paradise.

    julie.. so nice to see you back again ! i thought of you two days before you popped up here.. wierd, huh? i see you're still plugging away at the books.. good for you ! and how is your soldier daughter doing these days?

    kay.. no packy no movey. heh. i've always enjoyed packing/unpacking. have moved around sooooooooo much all my life, i get itchy feet after being in one place too long. but take a break and do something for yourself today.. like absolutely nothing. :d
    that's just what i'll be doing today as well.

    if my kids were still at home and little, it would be the perfect day to go outside and jump in the leaves or something fun like that.

    tweety.. enjoy your day off.

    mary.. sounds like your day is going to be a full one. better you than me. not in the mood. blech.

    weetz... i'm thrilled about your job !!! congrats!
    so just where will you be working and doing what? fill us in !

    roy.. glad you had a nice time with your buddy last night.. hope you hear that alarm for school !

    well, i'm sure i've missed somebody here, so let me go back and see. i notice fun2 hasn't come around yet.. she must still be snuggled under the covers.. i say we wake her up !!!

    ok.. let's see what else is going on on the various forums.. also time to refill the ol' coffee mug.
  14. by   suebird3
    mornin' all.....just a quick note before i go to sleep.....3 pm comes pretty quick. see ya all later on.

    one dead duck of a