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good morning to everyone who follows here, I was going to be a rebel and post the date the british before month but of course today being 11/11 nobody would have... Read More

  1. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    Quote from Future_RN_Jess
    Thanks Siri you are the best! I missed ya too. Now you ain't gonna get rid of me

    Wooohooooo! Welcome back Jess!
  2. by   sjb2005
    Hi to all!

    Another quick post. Trying to get the new computer up to speed. Still waiting for parts. Like...the router so i can get on the internet.

    I figured out how to play solitare and scan a picture. Had to take a break....that was

    jnette...hope we can help you through while your sailor is gone....

    All take care!

  3. by   leslie :-D
    mornin' my beloveds...

    figure i'd give you the latest update on dd.
    we put her in a detox center w/plans to send her to another psychiatric hospital afterwards.
    problem being, our insurance only pays for short-term stays.
    so i called my insurance company, explaining dd's background and how none of the other hospitalizations have worked and explained the severity of her mental illnesses. after being told no, i spoke w/the supervisor who also told me no to long term treatment. i then told him i might have to appeal to the insurance commissioner.
    well, you know what they did???????????????
    they called up this detox center and told them i had complained about me being afraid of dd being raped and that she wasn't safe there.:angryfire
    i explained over and over the contents of my conversation w/ the insurance but they shipped dd to a psyche hospital last noc. they couldn't get rid of her fast enough.
    i'll take it day by day at this hospital, talk w/the doctors and if they try to discharge her after 2-3 weeks, i will definitely put in a complaint against my insurance company. actually, i might put in that complaint now anyway. tiff needs LONG term care. and the feedback from the detox center was that she was a very sick girl that did indeed need long term residential treatment.

    i just can't believe the unscrupulous actions of the insurance company!!
    this is dd's 5th hospitalization since april. and she has relapsed every single time. that's how deep-rooted and mismanaged her mental illnesses are.

    any advice re: the insurance commissioner? should i appeal their decision now, as well as complain about what they did? or should i wait until they start talking about discharge? my inclination is to take action now, to give them time to investigate the matter. there's not a doubt in my mind that if tiff doesn't get the help she needs, she'll be dead within a year. other professionals have agreed. input anyone?

    thanks guys- you're the best.

    leslie xo
  4. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    Wow, earle58. I am so sorry!!! I can't believe that insurance company did that! :angryfire

    I would call an insurance lawyer, or whoever, to get this on the books. You could also have a lawyer call or write the insurance company.

    If several professionals have said your dd needed longterm care, then there is a reason!

    Maybe a phone call or a letter from a lawyer will get them to change their tune.

    I also wouldn't stop calling the insurance company. If one person says no, ask to speak to his/her supervisor.

    When I was in high school, my mom's insurance didn't want to pay for my surgeries. My mom did the "up the latter" phone thing and finally found someone to approve them.

    Don't give up, your dd needs the help.
  5. by   sirI
    Quote from dianah
    Hi all! We were up late, what with Jazz class and then jammin' afterwards @ the donut shop. I couldn't sleep in, as oldest ds had to be @ school @ 0715 for choir ; youngest ds has been home all week w/a cold, and then last night he called me to inform me it was now a GI ailment. Poor thing. BUT, he has really enjoyed just being @ home, and hasn't been so VERY miserable that he can't enjoy being on the 'puter. Heh.

    So, ds is at school; dh chose to stay home and work from home, so I do have company today (although I REALLY enjoy being home by myself!! I get more done!! KWIM?? )

    Y'all are up EARLY!! This pore body thinks any time before 0600 is early!!!

    It's sunny but cool outside. Supposed to be raining or threatening rain/thunderstorms @ Big Bear Lake (in the mts, an hour away) and at Joshua Tree (also an hour away).

    Will check in later with all you possums!
    Hi, dianah. Hope ds is feeling better and very soon. Hope you are having a nice day at home.
  6. by   dianah
    Hi Leslie, thanks so much for the update. I have no experience with insurance commissioners, only my gut to go on here, and my gut agrees with your inclination: start asking and reporting and looking around now, not later. Your concerns are NOW, I wouldn't wait until you're in crisis mode d/t the facility dc'ing her in 24 hours (or whatever) and she's not ready to come home, and you haven't any contacts, history or ammo with which to fight this. I'm sure you know this, but collect everything you can in writing (the other professionals' opinions, statements, print out emails, etc). On a good day, I wouldn't depend on my memory nor on that of anyone I spoke with on the phone, no matter how reassuring or trustworthy that person seems. Names, dates -- the whole shebang.

    And, do you have an attorey who might advise you? We went thru something similar, albeit on a much smaller scale, when the HMO suddenly sent all peds endocrine pts to an adult endocrinologist (they changed the contract). Our 9yo had Hashimoto's thyrotoxicosis, and was being followed by a VERY excellent peds endo. Short story: they denied, we paid out of pocket, we appealed, they denied, we appealed, we grieved, we finally met w/ the MD and RN over SoCal Aetna Quality Assurance (heh. I still recall walking into the meeting and noting the Quality Assurance RN had mis-buttoned her shirt. Heh. Quality assurance, indeed. Who, me?? Bitter??? Nah, perish the thought!!) -- who wanted their lawyer present but we vetoed that, since our lawyer (sil) couldn't be there, and they wouldn't let us record the session . .. I have a whole story!! Anyway, bottom line was, Aetna upheld what the Medical Clinic was doing (basically, if ya don't like it, go to another ins. and another clinic for your care). We certainly learned a lot.

    Bless you, Leslie! Please know you're in our thoughts and prayers every day. I wish I could help more. --- D
  7. by   babynurselsa
    Good Morning to ALL!!!!

    Yea to all that have the day off, Tweety(enjoy a nap later), Jnette, Fun, Shelly, Madwife (and enjoy the strike), and anyone I missed who is fortunate enough to not have to work today.

    Roy, hope you drank enough WATER before you went to bed this am so that you don't have a big headache this am.

    Earle I am so sorry for you and dd. It makes me nuts how the insurance companies can dictate our healthcare delivery, regardless of what it is we REALLY NEED. fight it all the way up, file an appeal, scream yell and stomp if you gotta.
    Good morning siri, while your at the store could you pick up a couple of things for me......?

    Yeah shelly that solitare can really take it out of you huh?

    Jnette do you do like I do every year? I always say I am gonna go easy with the cooking but there is always another dish I just have to make, then another, then get the picture.

    Happy veterans day to all!!!

    Well I am working 3-11 tonight and I have just about decided to not do anything until I get me and the kiddos ready to go. It sure isn't like it's not going to be here tommorrow waiting for me. (the mess I mean)

    TO everyone I forgot Have a wonderful day.
  8. by   sirI
    Quote from Don3218
    Good morning, everybody!!!

    I don't have to go to A&P this afternoon (the instructor is out of town), so I have a rare day away from the classroom. Unfortunately, that doesn't translate to "day off"! I have clinical papers to write, two chapters to review for Tuesdays nursing exam, another two chapters to review for Wednesdays A&P exam and a couple of articles to review and summarize. Tonight, we're attending a fund-raising dinner for a former employee of my father's; she was recently diagnosed with cancer in both left and right lungs; aggressive treatment hasn't improved her prognosis (yet) and is very costly. She is a single mom, and the town is rallying around and trying to help raise some money for the family. I don't know her, but my mother says she's just a bit younger than I am and was adored by my dad. It'll be an emotional evening.

    Other than that, not much else is happening. It's very cold here today, and it's not expected to get much above 40 degrees F. The leaves are almost off the trees now.

    Have a great day! Be blessed, and be well.


    Hi, Don. So sorry to hear about this lady. So sad. My sweet father was a victim of these horrible disease. My thoughts and prayers are with her, the family and you. :icon_hug:
  9. by   jnette
    Hello, dearest Leslie. (((HUGS)))

    I'm so sorry for what you are having to go through. I just cannot imagine the pain. I agree with Dianah 100%. Follow through now.
    Please keep us posted and know that you and Tiff remain in our thoughts and prayers. Please don't hesitate to come here and lean on our very broad shoulders.. I know how difficult that is at times, but you need to unload as well. We're here for you.

    Dianah.. I forgot to wish your ds a speedy recovery. Not wanting to spend time on the puter means the boy is NOT well ! Poor fella.

    Jess... so glad you're back with us !
    Hope your move and all that goes with it went smoothly for you.

    Babynurselesa.. relax and enjoy your day. No, I usually stick to whatever it is I plan to cook.. which is not much anymore since the kids have left the nest. I keep things pretty basic. I know what they like and try to cook those things mostly.

    Shelly... hope you get that dang puter up and running SOON !
    I'd be pulling my hair out.

    So you ate MY share, too, Fun ? I thought I was hungry this morning !!! Guess that's why.
    Good job on your grades. Keep up the good work. And have fun with the algebra ! Good work out for that brain ! Neener.
  10. by   sirI
    Quote from arciedee
    Howdy-do, all? I have a pile of work in front of me that I am blatently ignoring. How terrible. Eh, I'll get to it in a minute... Hope all is going well for you folks. What's up with me... Talked to my best HS buddy last night, caught up with the life of toilet training and Dr Seuss. Got to talk to her little one briefly. Course "talking" is a bit of an overstatement. But fun anyway. Then another friend called me so lots of gabbing! Oh well, BF was out for most of the evening so didn't need to worry about neglecting him (though he did come home when I was on the phone the second time and kept giving me puppy dog eyes til I shooed him off with a book -- to read, that is). Now it's Friday and I'm immensely happy about that. No holiday for me, but traffic was a breeze. We left home about an hour and a half after normal time and still made it to work before 9. Going to a party tonight, though can't get too crazy since I have class in the AM. Another party tomorrow afternoon for my brother, then Sunday is the BFs birthday, so probably spend most of the day at his parents'.

    Hi, arciedee. So, what present are you getting him?:hatparty:

    Now, get to work!!!!
  11. by   sirI
    Quote from shellyjellybelly
    Hi to all!

    Another quick post. Trying to get the new computer up to speed. Still waiting for parts. Like...the router so i can get on the internet.

    I figured out how to play solitare and scan a picture. Had to take a break....that was

    jnette...hope we can help you through while your sailor is gone....

    All take care!

    Hey, shellyjellybelly. Yes, those games can be soooo fatiguing! Have you tried playing spades???
  12. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    Quote from jnette
    So you ate MY share, too, Fun ? I thought I was hungry this morning !!! Guess that's why.
    Good job on your grades. Keep up the good work. And have fun with the algebra ! Good work out for that brain ! Neener.
    PLEASE FORGIVE ME????? :chuckle

    I started doing the problems on So far, most of my grades have been A's. Too bad it's not the real class. LOL

    Most of my mistakes have been typos! (Only a few addition mistakes.)

    My lowest grade was 70%, but 3 of those questions were not graded correctly. The site was trying to say -3 to the second power = -9, but -3 X -3=+9! (The other two were the same type of problems, but different numbers.) I e-mailed the webbie, and told them to look into it. lol

    I'm actually having fun with Algebra. LOL! ...but like I said, too bad it's not the real class!)

  13. by   jnette
    Quote from Fun2Care
    I'm actually having fun with Algebra. LOL! ...but like I said, too bad it's not the real class!)

    Good for YOU !

    I, too, love algebra. It's really quite the challenge of it. Like working on a crossword puzzle, only better.

    In school, I always got lousy grades due to my minor addition/subtraction mistakes made waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay up at the very beginnings of the problem somewhere, which of course carried all the way through down to the final answer. :angryfire That used to make me SO mad !!! And we didn't HAVE calculators back in "those days", either. So my homework was quite a chore, only to get it worng in the end, due to some piddly little error in addition way up at the top. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. :stone

    Still love it, though. Loved geometry as well. Would love to still have my old geometry and algebra books, just to go back and "play" with these again.