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good morning to everyone, I have only just finished reading thursdays thread, and as it is twenty past midnight here, decided to start todays, before I go to bed and then I can play catch up in the... Read More

  1. by   jnette

    bethin and Lori.. you guys are too funny !

    Did I tell you about the time I was walking around in WMart and felt like one foot was really bothering me, felt like that leg was longer or something... finally looked down only to see that I had two DIFFERENT shoes on !

    I made a dash back to the shoe dept. and bought myself a pair of cheap sneaks PRONTO !!! :chuckle

    Siri... do get better! More rest, more chicken soup !!!

    Eat hearty ! :kiss

    Ah, heck... stir the pot and have another helping !
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  2. by   dianah
    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ! ! ! ! Friday at last! Home at last!!

    What a crazy day! Got to work and it was 75 degrees in the Lab! Fine for home, but not when one stands scrubbed in, lead apron on, masked, gowned and gloved, for the case!! A/C guy was prompt coming up to fix.

    Computers were all turned off, had to go around and turn 'em all on. . .

    We had six cases on (which is a lot for us, a small lab!) -- which ended up being TWO, and then an add-on pacemaker generator change. The rep. brought us pizza, too, which was nice.

    Kat, please accept a hug from me too. I certainly can't know your pain but want to help you through this time. The others have said it all, really. I do thank you for being here with us.

    Kids are at vespers program . . Dh took them in the new little Mini, left almost an hour ago but isn't back yet . . . hmmmmmmmmmm, . . . . must've found a friend at church to gab with or show the car to.

    NEXT week is BUSY!!!

    Monday nite: extra Jazz class practice, 7-10
    Tuesday nite: friend's pizza party for his 39th wedding anniversary
    Wed nite: free
    Thursday nite: Jazz program
    Friday nite: free
    Sat a.m.: church Christmas program, both services
    Sat nite: Dh and I go to "Riders In The Sky", a Cowboy Christmas Program!

    I just need to pace myself. It's all good. And will all be done soon, one day at a time, as always.
  3. by   Jessy_RN
    Quote from Tweety
    Good morning.

    Bethin, Lori, those space-out moments are just too cute. I have them all the time. But I ain't tellin'. LOL

    Woke up to a chilly house of 67 degrees, so I cranked up the heat to take the chill off. 67 may be fine for you guys up in Maine or Minnesota, but not my house here in Florida.

    Got the usual routine today of housecleaning, homework, and I hope to get 40 minutes of areorbics in at the gym.
    67 would a joy here in NE
  4. by   Jessy_RN
    Had the best time at orientation. I absolutely loved it. I am all pumped up and excited. Is it Jan 9th yet? :chuckle