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  1. Ok Y'all.... I know there are 9 million and 3 threads about shoes. I have all the shoes - abeo, danskin xp2.0, allegria, sketchers... I haven't bought shoes for crews yet. I'm currently using them for waiting tables, but I want to find a solution before clinicals because this is only going to get worse for me. Soon I'll be in clinicals during the week and waiting tables on the weekend. My feet may just revolt and run away.

    All the shoes make my big toes go numb (and it doesn't go away quickly - I last waited tables on Wednesday - now Friday and still numb. Maybe numb isn't the right word - altered level of sensitivity - similar to how a c-section feels....)

    I thought getting the allergrias with the big toe box would help.... nope. The tennis-shoe like sketchers do help some, but my feet ultimately still hurt. I hate the way the clogs slip on my foot and I feel like I'm clomping around but I wanted to try them. For clinicals I will need white shoes and currently I'm in all black non-slip.

    Question 1) I know we can't medical diagnose - but has anyone ever had this happen and if so - how did you fix it? I know its on the edge - but is there a name for this?

    Question 2) Insoles, another kind of shoe - seriously - how do I get my feet to stop hurting and my toes not be numb?? I'm ready to have someone mold my feet - I've spent enough money at this point. Ugh.

    I would give anything to have my feet not hurt at the end of the day. I'm working a double double and I know by Monday night my feet are gonna fall off. There just isn't enough aspirin.
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  3. by   herring_RN
    In 1983 a heavy bed wheel went over my big toe. I could only wear shoes with a hole cut over that toe. (With white socks no one said anything)
    then it became infected with a painful fungus infection. My family practice physician recommended an over the counter cream that cured the infection.

    For a few years the toe didn't bother me. One day the dog stepped on my toe causing BIG PAIN for a few minutes.
    Another time someone rolled a wheeled case over that toe causing more minutes of extreme pain.

    I got a pair of shape up shoes that relieved the pain. For a few years I could only be comfortable with negative heel shoes.
    Then only soft cloth shape up sneakers were OK. I finally told my physician. He sent me to a podiatrist.
    Thirty years after the injury I had a bone spur and arthritic deterioration of the joint.
    I had an outpatient surgical joint replacement of that big toe. I had to take off three weeks while wearing post-op shoes and using a device to stretch my toes so as to keep some range of motion. I couldn't drive so walked to the store with the post op shoes. The site was painful as was the stretching for 20 minutes TID.

    But now I can wear most shoes comfortably. Even heels for a few hours so long as some of that time is sitting.

    Maybe negative heel shoes will help you feel better. Bot I think you should seek mecical help with your problem.
    I had pain for more years than necessary because I didn't seek help until it became intolerable.
    I worked another 11 years as a staff nurse after the surgery.

    The foot surgeor told me the toe was probably broken when the bed wheel rolled over it (The kind with sand to prevent pressure)
    If I'd gone to the ER and filled out an incident report I probably would have had surgery as a workers compensation case and prevented decades of pain.

    I suggest asking for a referral or seeing a podiatrist ASAP.
  4. by   hurricanekat
    Thank you so much. I've been contemplating calling a foot doc - I just haven't wanted to figure out my new insurance... guess I'll be figuring that out! I appreciate your insight.
  5. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    I worked for a podiatrist in 1988. What herring says to do is exactly what you should do. They can take x-rays, they can 'cast' your sole to make orthotics to go in your shoes, and I know they must have more tricks, and better materials now. They can help you find something to make being on your feet more tolerable.
  6. by   5HT123
    After wearing a particular pair of strappy sandals for 12 shifts my right foot went sort of numb/ felt different for over two weeks. It happened twice before I realized it happened after I wore those sandals for 12 hours, so I stopped and it went away. I wonder if it is the shoes that are making your toes numb or the standing. I hope a podiatrist can provide you will some solutions.