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Hey guys! So, my question for the hour is: What's your fave TV Show? My absolute fave TV Show is SCRUBS!!!!!:D I love that show, and I think "Newbie" is sooooo adorable! LOL. I also like the... Read More

  1. by   NurseShell
    We have a Tivo....which means we get to watch WHENEVER we want!!!! And we don't have to remember to tape stuff....I checked last night and the entire MW marathon is scheduled to tape!! However, the entire "I love the 80s" marathon is currently taping so we may have a problem. The really cool thing about Tivo is it "learns" your likes and tapes stuff for you...I discovered some cool shows that way!!!

    Our usual shows are:
    CSI Miami
    Survivor (when it's on)
    The Practice

    My usuals (meaning hubby doesn't watch/can't stand)"
    Trauma: life in the ER
    Maternity Ward
    Labor and Delivery
  2. by   JohnnyGage
    Originally posted by traumaRUs
    Johnny Gage - is that your real name?????
    Of course not ... check out the disclaimer below.

    But thanks for asking.
  3. by   stubs
    The Sopranos is by far my favorite show on television. Sex in the City, The Naked Chef (Jamie Oliver) and anything on ESPN rounds it out. When surfing, I do find myself at the Travel channel alot too.
  4. by   fab4fan
    "Law and Order"...the first one; thought I'd die when A & E dropped the reruns...thank goodness TNT picked them up!

    ER: Still watch it, although it is losing steam, and should be allowed to die a natural death...take it off life support!!
  5. by   Audreyfay
    The Great Race
    While You were Out (TLC)
    Changing Rooms (TLC)
    Changing Spaces (TLC)
    The Dead Zone (yea...it's coming back as a weekly next week!)
  6. by   NurseShell
    OH yeah!!! Forgot about Dead Zone!!! Anthony Michael Hall turned out OK
  7. by   andrewsgranny
    Ok my turn..... Antique road show.... Everybody loves Raymond
    (yes,they do) Smallville- comes on the WB channel
    Cosby reruns....Trading Spaces- TLC
    Dateline, 60 minutes and 20/20... WOW I'm old.
  8. by   capgirl
    Still like ER,
    Watch Law & order, and Law & order SVU, live and in reruns,
    have just recently started watching Third Watch - and LOVE it!
    Thank goodness for A&E reruns!
  9. by   Jay-Jay
    Sorry, folks, this thread does NOT belong in the Humour forum. I'm mooooving it to Off Topic. There will be a redirect left here so you can find it.

    (Jane, dyed-in-the wool Squad 51 fan....)
  10. by   cactus wren
    CSi..both of them...West Wing, still want to vote for Barkley...Trading Spaces...Law and order...used to watch those Med shows on tlc,dic,etc. until one had a newbie doc complaining that an experianced Er nurse was making suggestions.pi$$ed me off, so i don`t watch them anymore...Stargate,Farscape...reruns of any of Startrec....But my MOST fav...Nascar !!!!! Almost february isn`t it,,,,??/Daytona time...
  11. by   PennyLane
    I'm addicted to the Discovery Health channel. Also Trading Spaces on TLC.

    After that:
    M*A*S*H* (I;m so glad others here like it too! People seem to either love it or hate it.)
  12. by   kristi915
    Originally posted by sbic56
    Everybody Loves Raymond

    (don't they?)
    I do! And King Of The Hill, and CSI!!
  13. by   RNforLongTime
    Favorite TV show........FRIENDS hands down. I'm so excited that they signed on for a 10th season. ER is good but getting a little silly with all that crap they've got going on with Dr Kovacs.

    Also like American Dreams and The King of Queens. My husband and I watch these two show together as they are the only two that we both like. Hubby thinks that Friends is stupid.