1. So I pulled out the pressure canner today and started on Christmas presents/preserves: Green Chili Jam, Smokin Hot Ghost Pepper sauce, and dill pickles. Next week Fire Roasted red peppers, red salsa, and maybe a surprise or two.

    Curious if any of you do DIY Stuff like canning, preserving, carpentry gardening etc.....

    I find gardening a tremendous stress relief - Breaking the ground with a 12 pound mattock really gets it all out.

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  4. by   toomuchbaloney
    I live in Alaska. We do a lot of things.
    I painted some Alaskan landscapes, matted and framed them for gifts.
    My daughter recycled old clothing into awesome shoulder bags for women, men, and tweens.
    My son in law twisted paracord into all manner of useful lanyards and attachments for stuff.
    A sled was reclaimed from a junk pile and is being refurbished for the kids to mush behind, it is taking up space in the garage currently while the glue dries.
    Smoked salmon was jarred months ago ready to be sent to the midwest folks who send us dried veggies and fresh jams from their garden.

    It is currently cold and dark as I am in Fairbanks this week. It is a good time to have indoor hobbies.
  5. by   herring_RN
    My cousin gives Oklahoma sand plum jam as gifts.
    I love that taste from our childhood!
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    Happygr8fulDo you fart fire?
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    I love to garden. Winter is spent perusing seed catalogs to see what I want to plant next year. I haven't tried canning anything...maybe that's a project for next year!
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    Happygr8fulSeriously, how do you consume that much chilli, spicy stuff? I've seen YouTube videos of that ghost pepper stuff practically killing people. Is it used as a condiment or Incorporated into the food? I am curious. Sorry about the silly crack but I was a bit stunned.