Daily Diary It's Friday, It's Friday

  1. Good morning, everybody!

    Got home from work at 0022. The ride home was longer than usual because it is POURING in central Kentucky.

    First, best wishes for a speedy recovery to Ted's Amy. A "thunder clap" of a headache can't be a pleasant experience, and I hope there is no underlining problem that is manifesting itself in this way. Truly, best wishes.

    Secondly, Herring, I am sorry about your awful experience with the mental health nurse turned manager. I'm surprised she was hired for the role at your hospital with so little experience. Sometimes people think psychiatric nursing is easy, but it isn't. So perhaps she wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed.

    Had two admits this evening and the last one doesn't belong on my unit. He belongs on Geriatric unit and I left the MD a note requesting a transfer because he is confused (takes Aricept), needed my help to put on t-shirt during skin assessment (couldn't figure out how to put it on), and showed NO signs of mania (assessment department told me he was manic). We will see what happens. It took me 45 minutes to enter all of his medications into our EMAR system.

    Oh, I was charge nurse last night and the previous night because the new nurse was out sick.

    The horse is getting his teeth done in 7 hours. I refuse to allow the vet to use power tools for this task. He must use hand tools. I fear him taking off too much tooth. Learned a horse who boarded with us until last summer died last week of colic (the nightmare of all horse owners). I sent Shiloh's human a text message expressing my condolences. She was living in western Kentucky and I wonder if they don't have adequate emergency equine care. We live 10 minutes from two of the finest equine clinics in the country.

    Good news, the teeny-tiny hospital I applied to the other night called me for an interview. I am beyond excited. I will read all about the concerns of rural health care providers to best prepare for my interview. I think this would be a good opportunity to hone my med-surg skills.

    Dian - Don't push yourself to hard. I hope you are resting enough.

    Spidey - I think you had the right idea about listening to music.

    Joe - I hope you have good plans for the weekend!

    Alas, I am working Saturday and Sunday.
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